O’Donovan Hall employees staged a demonstration at 12:35 p.m. today to voice frustration at the slow pace of contract negotiations for their recently formed union.

About 40 workers, accompanied by members of the Georgetown Solidarity Committee, gathered on the top floor of the dining hall, chanting phrases such as “What do we want? A contract. When do we want it? Now,” and “We’ll be back.”

The workers protested today to draw attention to delays in their negotiations with their employer Aramark Higher Education. Although the union for Leo’s employees was certified in March, employees say that they still have not been given fair wages or a more affordable health care program.

“What [the employees] want to show is that they’re united and they have the support of students,” Samuel Geaney-Moore (SFS ’12), a member of the Georgetown Solidarity Committee, said.

Geaney-Moore explained that the demonstration was a way for students, particularly those originally involved in the unionization efforts, to show support for the Leo’s employees’ campaign.

“It’s great to see the workers and students together. To me that’s the real meaning of solidarity,” Aramark employee and union leader Donté Crestwell wrote in a press release. “We are seeking a living wage, reasonable benefits, and a 40-hour work week for all. We’re glad that we’ve had the support of Georgetown students through this process.”

After the short demonstration, employees immediately returned to work and students from the GSC passed out flyers to inform students of the progress of negotiations thus far.

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