The Woodstock Theological Center is shutting its doors after 40 years of work as an independent research institution June 30.

The announcement was made Feb. 15 on the center’s website and cited a lack of Jesuit staff as one of the reasons for the closure.

“The trustees decided that because of the manpower needs of the Jesuits, it just wasn’t viable to keep the center going as a Jesuit institution with all of the other colleges and universities and institutions and theological seminaries that we run,” Woodstock Senior Fellow Fr. Thomas Reese, S.J., said to Catholic News Service. “The numbers just don’t add up.”

However, the center hopes that some of its research will be transferred to the university or to other Jesuit institutions.

The center was established at Georgetown after it was originally founded as Woodstock College, a Jesuit seminary, in 1869. The college was moved to New York City 100 years later in 1969 before it closed in 1972. A year after the college was shut down, the Jesuits decided to create the Woodstock Center in Washington, D.C. in 1973.

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