At about 1:54 a.m. on Oct. 8, an unknown perpetrator broke the glass front door of Wisemiller’s Grocery and Deli on 36th Street and stole a cash register.

The establishment, popular among students for its sandwiches and groceries, was not damaged in any other way, according to Department of Pubic Safety Associate Director Joseph Smith.

DPS officers were the first to respond to the scene and promptly notified the Metropolitan Police Department.

“The response of campus security was fabulous,” Wisemiller’s owner Gina Vogel said.

Vogel said that the first officer to reach the establishment was very friendly and competent, and that he waited with her at the scene until more responders arrived.

With the aid of security recordings from the Wisemiller’s camera, MPD is conducting an investigation, Vogel said.

No public safety announcement was sent to the Georgetown community regarding the incident, but DPS remains involved with the situation, according to Smith.

“DPS is working in support of MPD’s ongoing investigation,” Smith said.

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