Since The Hoya announced our candidacy last week, my trusty steed A.J. Serlemitsos and I have been inundated with questions about our campaign staff, platform and plan to build a wall around The George Washington University — and make them pay for it.

Listen, everyone familiar with A.J. and me know that we have not been running a serious campaign. We got into this race because we knew Enushe and Chris would be running uncontested otherwise, and we wanted to raise the campus-wide interest level in the campaign.

Who was going to be excited to read about an unopposed race? There are important issues to be discussed here, and we wanted all Hoyas to be aware of them. We hope we got at least a few more people interested and invested in the big decisions to be made under this next administration.

The next Georgetown University Student Association executive team will need to provide input on the Aramark contract renewal. We hope they will be advocates for students against the expansion of Georgetown University Police Department/Student Neighborhood Assistance Program jurisdiction and the tightening of enforcement protocols. Perhaps most importantly, they must respond to the results of the Sexual Assault and Misconduct Climate Survey.

There are far too many issues to list. And as much as A.J. and I would have loved to remain in the race and entertain the readers, the past success of joke and satirical campaigns made us realize we may accidentally become honest challengers to the clearly more serious and committed ticket. All jokes aside, we love this campus, and at the end of the day we want what is best for all of Georgetown.

If somehow A.J. were I elected, Georgetown would be missing out on two incredible leaders, Enushe and Chris. We want to ensure the student body elects executives that are informed on the issues and passionate about student government, and as much as I wish we were, A.J. and I are not those people.

In short, we want to make sure Georgetown’s student body picks the right pair of candidates to be the GUSA executives, and we want to make sure no joke campaign robs this campus of the leaders they deserve.

So without beating around the bush further, A.J. Serlemitsos and I would like to formally announce that we are withdrawing our bid for the GUSA presidency and vice presidency.

We gave the decision a lot of thought, and considered all the issues above, as well as many others. In the end, we were soundly convinced that Enushe and Chris are the right people to take on these challenges. They are going to make an incredible president/vice president team — it is obvious that they have the skills, ideas and passion necessary to make a positive impact on this campus, and we look forward to seeing what they will get done this year.

We encourage all students to come out to the debates and ask the important questions. Keep these two on their toes. They are here to represent your interests, so make your viewpoints known.

Take ownership of this race. You may have only one ticket to vote for, but that does not mean you cannot help decide the issues that the ticket will focus on.
A.J. and I regret we will never be able to unveil our plans to build a playground slide down Lauinger Library steps for safe late-night travel on weekends.
The ball pit at the bottom would have been especially nice. But we know that we are leaving the steps, the library and all of the Hilltop in competent hands.
We know that Enushe and Chris will do everything they can … to make Georgetown great again.

Tony Pezzullo is a junior in the McDonough School of Business.

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