fromtheprosIn the midst of recruiting season for the banking and consulting sectors, The Hoya spoke with experts attending events sponsored by the Cawley Career Education Center. These recruiters, associates, analysts, consultants and other professionals were asked for their insights and advice to guide students interested in pursuing careers in their areas. This week, experts offer advice for students who have not yet decided what field to pursue or where to work.


Maureen Brown 

Consultant/Tech Investor, Self-Employed 

What advice do you have for Hoyas who do not know what field they want to go into yet?

You need to be opportunistic and keep and open mind because over the course of my 35-year career I’ve ended up doing things I never would’ve anticipated when I started. That doesn’t mean don’t be thoughtful. But know, over the course of your life, things will change, and where you start may not be in any way where you end. So really being open-minded about opportunities that present themselves as critical to finding happiness and success over the course of your long-term career, not in the first job you take.


Katie Jill Patterson

Management Consultant, Accenture

How can you get a solid idea of a company’s culture before you work there?

You should talk with someone who works at the company, whether they just started or have been there for 10 years. Ask them what their favorite thing is about working there, and if they say something around their people, then it’s a good culture.


Enrique Lores

Senior Vice President of Imaging and Printing, Hewlett-Packard Company

What advice would you give to Georgetown students who are still deciding what to do professionally?

If I were you, knowing what I know, I would do five things: I would choose to pursue something I am passionate about. Second, look for an industry that is growing. Three, focus on results. Every day when you leave your work, ask if you brought value during your day. Fourth, you need to continue learning every day. Fifth, enjoy the journey. Don’t focus too much on the end result.


Kebbie Ghaderi

Technology Consulting Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers

How can you find out about a company’s culture?

I always tell everyone interviews are always kind of like a two-way. They’re interviewing you to see if you fit the firm, but you should always be quite diligent and figure out whether you like your interviewer because they work in the firm, so they’re a pretty good indicator of what the firm’s like. I definitely think all the networking events and all the career fairs, every opportunity that you have to interact with someone is the best way to figure out a firm’s culture. Interact with the employees. Every firm, regardless of their name, they’re made up by people. So interacting with the people is best.


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