The Program on Justice and Peace and the university’s chapter of  PeaceJam kicked off a week of events focused on fostering peace education and awareness Monday.

Peace Education Week will feature speakers with experience in the field, such as directors of nonprofits, researchers who focus on conflict resolution and formerly incarcerated criminals.

“We’d like to use this kickoff week as an emphasis for students to start asking themselves whether we are doing things for the right reasons, whether we are really passionate about the things we are doing rather than simply going through the motions,” Joe Donovan (SFS ’13), president of Georgetown’s PeaceJam chapter, said. PeaceJam is an international program that connects Nobel Peace Prize Laureates with students.

The event planners aim to address these questions through student-led events, such as “Peace Jamming,” where various performance groups on campus present relevant issues through art, and “Peace Talks,” a conversation about how peace education can be furthered on campus.

The idea for a week of events focused on peace education originally grew out of discussions about the importance of education efficiency, according to Donovan.

“What tends to be left out of the discussion is not only how to make schools more effective, but what schools should be doing. Peace education is a way to do that. It is a way of framing the discussion,” he said.

Donovan believes that a week of this nature is perfect for focusing group energy on these ideas, especially on a campus with such an active student body.

“What makes something like Peace Education Week so important for a school like Georgetown is that there is so much energy here for positive change,” he said. “Through letting everyone know about the value of peace education, we are hopefully directing that energy in the right direction.”

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