Gone are the days of busy signals, cell phone static, language barriers and the never-ending hours of waiting for delivery, all because of a service called campusfood.com.

As a network of restaurants specifically geared toward college students, campusfood.com allows students to order most of their food straight from the Internet. In celebration of their partnership with the Georgetown area restaurants, they are giving away free food to any student who places an order online between Sept. 24 and Oct. 8. The promotion, valid for one free food order per customer for delivery only, requires no minimum purchase.

Restaurants such as Manny & Olga’s Pizza, Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory, Prince Cafe and Euphoria at Ackee Tree are participating in this event as a way to get their name out.

Each restaurant offers a different complimentary food item – when ordering from Manny & Olga’s, for example, students can receive a free 12-inch pizza; Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory is giving away a cheesesteak sandwich and Prince Cafe offers a free order of Chicken Makhani.

“My mother used to say that if you want folks to remember you during their busy lives, give them an unexpected gift. And so, here at Campusfood.com our unexpected gift is a free meal, something any and everyone can appreciate,” campusfood.com marketing coordinator Ismael Archbold said.

As another perk to students, there will be weekly specials discounts and free food. The interactive menus allow for easy ordering.

Some students said it would make ordering easier. “I would love it because I hate talking to people who don’t understand me,” Jerry Lowe (MSB ’03) said.

“Students today are wired and connected to the Internet more and more each day; whether you are busy, lazy or disinclined to brave poor weather, ordering discounted food quickly online is a far better alternative to dealing with trekking in the snow to pick up a sandwich or trying to get your pizza order across to a busy and hard-to-understand pizza joint,” Archbold said.

Students must register with the site before completing their first order. The registration process takes approximately five to 10 minutes and asks questions such as location on or off campus, e-mail address, a phone number and other helpful information.

Campusfood.com networks more than 1,000 restaurants serving over 200 schools with the United States.

Campusfood.com began in 1997 when Michael Sander, founder and president, was unable to reach his favorite restaurant while attending the University of Pennsylvania. Campusfood.com is now “the largest college-based online ordering network in the country,” according to Archbold.

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