3777695864Washington Harbour’s central water fountain will be retrofitted to feature a 12,000-square-foot ice rink in November as part of a $20 million renovation to the waterfront area that began this spring.

The fountain was upgraded to shoot water 60 feet in the air during the non-winter months and is now accompanied by a multicolored light show. According to a press release from MRP Realty, which owns the space, the construction for the rink will begin this fall, after a Sept. 12 opening event for the newly upgraded plaza. The rink will be operative throughout the winter months.

Other upgrades to the area include an exterior redesign of the storefronts on both the upper and lower levels of the facility. The restaurants Tony and Joe’s Seafood Place and Nick’s Riverside Grille will be reopening with revamped interiors as well as new plaza furniture. Nick’s will expand into part of the space that was previously occupied by Cabanas, and an unconfirmed restaurant will move into the remainder of that space.

Farmers & Fishers will be reopening as Farmers Fishers Bakers in October. The restaurant is a new concept from the creators of Founding Farmers, featuring a bakery in addition to their farmland-inspired menu.

This opportunity for upgrades and renovations came after the
plaza incurred millions of dollars in damages in the wake of extensive flooding in the area. The changes faced minimal resistance from neighborhood groups.

“We are good to go with all these plans and have all approvals,” Julie Chase, public relations representative for MRP Realty, wrote in an email.

MRP is hopeful that the new changes will enliven the area and draw people to it.

“The Harbour will be much more of a year-round destination and more family friendly with improved restaurants, the lively fountains and the ice skating rink,” Chase wrote.

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