Steve Medlock (SFS ’06)

Vice President of Hoya Blue

As a senior I’ve been there before – ranked opponent, national TV, and a big crowd at MCI Center – Saturday was different. Saturday was the game we all knew Georgetown was capable of in all respects – the team executed an incredibly astute game plan, the student section was full an hour before the game, and we were all cheering loudly for Georgetown – not against Duke. We found out exactly how special a team we have and how special a place Georgetown can be. After the game, I saw a large number of seniors hugging each other on the court – we stuck with the team through some tough times – Saturday was different.

Lauryn Stevens (COL ’08)

Hoya Cheerleader

It was so incredible to be able to share this defining moment in the comeback of Georgetown basketball. We were really excited to be able to support our team in such a big game along with the “sea of gray” and the rest of the Georgetown fans. WE ARE GEORGETOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia Pekron (SFS ’07)

There’s something truly spectacular about a win like the win against Duke on Saturday. It’s not everyday your college team upsets the number one ranked team. The game becomes something far bigger than a game for everyone playing, cheering, watching at the game and on TV, listening on the radio and running around campus; it becomes an experience.

Meg Lenahan (COL ’08)

Going into this game I was actually just glad that I had a ticket, but there was the thought in the back of my mind, `What if we win this?’ The intensity of everyone in the stands was something I had never experienced before. Everyone was ready to back Georgetown, and when we jumped to an early lead, the thought of a Georgetown win suddenly didn’t seem that crazy. The rest of the game almost seems like a blur. Suddenly it was halftime and we were beating the number-one team by 14 points. But still, there was another half left to play. I was actually surprised by the amount of Duke fans in attendance. But it was obvious who controlled the court and the stands on Saturday. With every Hoya point the stadium erupted and shook with noise and excitement. I think we were all holding our breath for the last two minutes of the game and all I remember is seeing the backboard light up red, knowing we had finally done it. We could all breathe and scream because we had just witnessed something truly amazing and I can only imagine what it must have felt like for the players and coaches.

Clint Morrison (COL ’09)

It felt like we were out there with them, living and dying on every possession. They were battling the best team in the country and we were fighting off some of the loudest fans in the country. For our guys to go out there and play their hearts out really stoked our fire. We just did our best to return the favor.

Bruce Arnold (GSB ’78)

This reminds me of my freshman year at Georgetown in 1974 when John Thompson senior helped lead the Hoyas with my classmates Riley, Jackson, Esherick back to respectability.

Kevin Kelly (Head Football Coach)

It was an ultra-exciting day and I was glad I could be there. Coach Thompson had stopped down to introduce himself to me last week and I was thrilled for him. It was just a great atmosphere, with all of our students, alumni and fans there, seeing what the Georgetown spirit is like. We had a good group of recruits there, and for those kids to see that type of atmosphere – a packed house, a great game, a big win and the spirit of it all – you couldn’t ask for anything more. It was a win for everyone. It was a great day for Georgetown Athletics.

Lindsay Van Houten (COL ’09)

It was pretty much the highlight of my time here so far. I was nervous the entire game and, when it actually happened, I was so happy that I’m still having trouble believing that it happened. I had no voice and I’m actually sore from jumping the entire game. But, the experience made it totally worth it. How often does your team beat the best team in the nation?

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