An assailant struck two campus visitors with a brick outside Reiss Science Building early Sunday morning in one of two assaults on campus to take place in the span of one hour last weekend. According to a report of the incident from the Metropolitan Police Department, two individuals were walking outside Reiss at around 1:50 a.m. when two assailants approached them. Department of Public Safety Director Darryl Harrison said that the victims were not Georgetown students One of the assailants bumped into one of the visitors, who turned and said, “You bumped me.” The assailant then replied, “Don’t come up here disrespecting Georgetown,” according to the MPD report. The verbal exchange quickly escalated into a physical altercation when one of the assailants picked up a brick from the ground and struck both visitors on the head, the report said. The assailants were last seen fleeing the scene by foot, according to the report, and have not been identified. MPD declined to release the victims’ names. The Department of Public Safety and MPD responded to the incident after receiving anonymous calls. The walkway on the Red Square side of Reiss was closed off for at least half an hour as police officials investigated, witnesses said. No arrests have been made in connection with the assault. Harrison said that the two victims sustained injuries to the head and face. One visitor was transported to Georgetown University Hospital for cuts on his ear and a potential injury to his head. The other was hospitalized at The George Washington University Hospital for “abrasions and a nosebleed.” David Morrell, vice president for university safety, said that the suspects have not yet been identified, and said that he was unsure if they are Georgetown students. The report described the suspects as Hispanic males, both under 6 feet tall. Harrison said that the two suspects were wearing “white long-sleeve undershirts, blue jeans and blue baseball caps.” Shortly less than an hour after the incident outside Reiss, two other students walking on the roadway between New South Hall and Village C were allegedly assaulted. The two suspects involved approached the students from behind and engaged them in a physical altercation before fleeing the scene. Harrison said that neither student accepted treatment when Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service responded to the incident. According to Harrison, one suspect was identified as a black male around 6 feet tall, and the other was a Hispanic male. orrell said that there is no evidence that the two incidents are connected. The MPD Detective Bureau declined to comment on either incident. The university sent out a broadcast e-mail last night in response to the two incidents, asking students for any information related to either case.

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