I would like to express my thanks to Peter Reynolds for the carefully-chosen words in his viewpoint (“Christians Must Not Stand for Criticism,” THE HOYA, Feb. 18, 2005, A3).

For 21 years – four of those spent at a Catholic institution – I was completely unaware of the suffering Jesus endured, or the fact that Jesus was a man. Additionally, I was unaware that people of the Jewish faith, or “the Jews” as Reynolds calls them, are still sufficiently homogenous, nefarious and well-organized to merit being referred to as a collective “the.”

In all seriousness, articles such as this should stop appearing in THE HOYA. It seems that every time a community is slandered in some form on campus or in the media as a whole, a formulaic response is issued.

First, an outrageous statement is repeated, probably out of context, and attacked.

Second, general complaints are lodged against: a) society, b) Georgetown students in general, c) the administration or d) other religious groups.

Third, an unnecessary explanation is given to refute a position that no one really supports.

Reynolds is entitled to be outraged at a slander against his faith and there is much to be said on the subject of unfair treatment of religious groups. If only he had done so in an intelligent and thoughtful manner instead of through unnecessary slander in return and a call to arms.

DANIEL SCHIER (SFS ’05) FEB. 22, 2005

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