An out-of-town student visiting Georgetown for the weekend was robbed at gunpoint on N Street in early Sunday morning, and the perpetrator remains at large, according to the Department of Public Safety.

Michael Duffy, a sophomore at Manhattan College in New York City, said that he was walking alone at about 1:15 a.m. when he was robbed near the intersection of N and Potomac Streets.

Duffy said he was visiting a friend at Georgetown when he left a party early Sunday morning to eat at a Five Guys restaurant on Wisconsin Avenue. On his return, Duffy said that a car pulled up alongside him and a man brandishing a handgun emerged and ran toward him.

“I don’t even remember if he asked for money. I just took out my wallet and handed it to him,” Duffy said.

He said that after taking the wallet and the $70 inside, the robber told him to leave. Duffy said he ran back to the party he had left to notify the DPS. He was not injured.

DPS Director Darryl Harrison said that both DPS and the etropolitan Police Department responded to the scene and searched the area with negative results. The incident remains under investigation, he added.

Duffy described the suspect as a 5-foot-10 male wearing a white bandanna. He also said that he believes the car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee and thought that other people were inside it.

In a campus-wide Public Safety Alert sent on Tuesday in response to the robbery, administrators warned students against walking alone and carrying large amounts of money, especially at night.

David Morrell, vice president for university safety, said in an interview that students should not walk alone and encouraged them to make use of the university’s two new SafeRides shuttles through Burleith and West Georgetown when traveling at night. He noted that the robbery took place close to one of the stops on the West Georgetown shuttle’s route.

Although he was alone, Duffy said he was surprised by the robbery, noting that there were other people walking around the area at the late hour.

“There was still a good amount of people on the streets,” he said. “It wasn’t like they were empty.”

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