DANIEL SMITH/THE HOYA This morning the university replaced the hands on the Healy clock.
This morning the university replaced the hands on the Healy clock on the side facing Healy lawn.

Hands once again adorn the clock on Healy Tower, after the university installed a replacement set this morning.

The original set went missing early Wednesday morning. Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh, Georgetown University Police Department Chief Jay Gruber and Vice President for Planning and Facilities Robin Morey confirmed that the hands were stolen, and the university had opened an investigation.

“We secured a set of hands in 2012,” Pugh said in a statement to The Hoya today. “The condition of the clock facing Healy Lawn permitted us to install new hands today while the scheduled repair was underway.”

Pugh was not able to provide details on the costs associated with the repair.

In addition to replacing the hands of the clock facing Healy Lawn, the university had the hands of the side of the clock facing Dahlgren Quad removed today as part of scheduled maintenance.

“As Robin Morey shared, repairs were previously scheduled for the clock facing Dahlgren Chapel,” Pugh said. “Those hands were removed by the university this morning and the movement mechanism is being repaired. While doing that work we were also able to install another set of hands on the clock facing Healy Lawn.”

The investigation into the stolen clock hands is still ongoing. Gruber and Morey have not yet responded to further requests for comment.

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