Georgetown University offered students affected by the mailing of their W-2 forms to the incorrect addresses a free year of identity theft protection, according to an email sent to effected students by Associate Vice President for Benefits, Payroll & Wellness and Chief Benefits Officer Charles DeSantis yesterday.

The university has arranged for Experian to supply a year of their identity protection service to the affected students. Students who have already purchased identity protection can request to be reimbursed by the university.

The university accidentally sent student workers’ W-2 forms, which include sensitive personal information including Social Security Numbers, to incorrect addresses last week. According to DeSantis, the university has now sent W-2 forms to their correct address and they should arrive by today.

Gina Kim (SFS ’18) said while the move helps to address her most pressing concerns, she still wishes administrators handled the situation more diligently.

“It does kind of give me a peace of mind,” Kim said. “But I still think it was kind of confusing for my parents particularly when they received the wrong W-2 form — you never know who the form goes to, or where it went, if it went to another Hoya or not. So it is still kind of concerning, but I would say it’s a step in the right direction.”

She added that she wishes Payroll Services had contacted affected students individually.

“I think that they could have either reached out personally to any of the people who were affected so that those people could either make a time to talk about what happened or just get an understanding of it,” Kim said.

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