To the Editor:

We in Canada have just witnessed an outpouring of grief over the death of one navy officer, a lieutenant with two infant sons, due to a fire on board one of our submarines. Even the prime minister flew to Halifax to receive personally the victim’s remains.

It comes as no surprise, thus, to see the litany of vice-presidential luminaries – my how the list has grown – attendant at the scene of the fire that took the life of Daniel Rigby (MSB ’06) on Sunday morning. Where, however, were the president and the dean of the MSB, because Georgetown has big problems with that ever-present acronym. (Dare I mention three-day weekends for partying?)

Just in the Oct. 15 edition of The Hoya, the reader finds two stories that should keep the alert level highly elevated: the alleged assault of a DPS officer by a intoxicated student (MSB ’07) who had been suspended last year for beating his victim unconscious (“Sophomore Allegedly Strikes DPS Officer,” A1) and the drowning last week of a MSB ’06 student who fell from a boat at – get this – 4:30 on a Friday morning (“Junior Drowns in Potomac Boating Accident,” A1).

Georgetown exacts tuition and other fees that likely come close to equaling in Canadian dollars the sum with which the deceased lieutenant supported his wife and children. I find it absolutely staggering that the administration has proven so ineffectual in reversing the domination of campus life by alcohol and partying.

How much longer will the president and the dean of MSB be no-shows in this crisis?

Colin Campbell

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

Oct. 18, 2004

The writer was founding director of the Georgetown Public Policy Institute and a professor at Georgetown University from 1983-2002.

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