MedStar Health; Dr. Vincent Winklerprins MD
MedStar Health; Dr. Vincent Winklerprins MD

Dr. Vincent WinklerPrins, MD, will serve as Assistant Vice President of Student Health beginning in April, according to an e-mail sent by Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson to campus student leaders on March 14.

“I know that Dr. WinklerPrins will bring tremendous assets to our critical health and well-being work with students,” Olson wrote. “I ask you to join me in welcoming him to our community in this role.”

WinklerPrins is currently an associate professor at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, where he also serves as Director of Medical Student Education and Director of the Family Medicine Clerkship in the Department of Family Medicine.

WinklerPrins began his career as a private practice doctor in Wisconsin after graduating from the University of Michigan School of Medicine. In 2000, he became Associate Chair for Academic Affairs at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, where he served until coming to Georgetown in September 2015.

WinklerPrins will begin working part-time in his new role in April, and start full-time work on June 1. He will also spend time treating students at the on-campus Student Health Center.

WinklerPrins fills the role left by the departure of Dr. James Welsh, MD, in December. Welsh declined to comment for this article.

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  1. Adrian Fish says:

    I want to get a message to Dr. Winkler-Prins. Do you have a email address for him?

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