The Disciplinary Review Committee has instituted a new written-only appeal process for students challenging the decisions of university hearing boards and administrators, Todd Olson, vice president for student affairs, announced Wednesday in a campus-wide e-mail.

“The DRC noted that the appeal process had not been the subject of a focused review in recent years,” Olson said Thursday. “Taken as a whole, these changes provide a more consistent perspective from case to case, streamline and clarify the process and provide a more timely resolution of cases.”

The DRC is a standing Student Affairs committee comprised of students, faculty and Student Affairs staff.

Under the new guidelines, the student requesting an appeal must submit a statement within seven calendar days from the date of the hearing board decision or administrative action letter.

The written appeal was established in conjunction with a standing appeals committee, which will review all appeals, Olson said. Like the DRC, the appeals committee with have student, staff and faculty representation, with an academic dean involved in incidents where suspension or dismissal are involved.

A student may appeal a decision in the case of procedural error by the board, if new evidence surfaces or if the student feels that the sanction is inconsistent with the offense or his or her previous disciplinary record.

Within the appeals process, the student must submit a statement declaring an intent to file an appeal and a request for a transcript hearing within two calendar days of the board’s decision letter.

The policy changes were part of Student Affairs’ ongoing review of student conduct procedures, and the changes were made with input from students, administrators and faculty, Olson said.

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