A series of software failures caused Georgetown’s online e-mail service to slow down and then crash on Friday night, according to UIS officials.

The outage affected all GUMail boxes, which were inaccessible from 5 p.m. on Friday until 3 a.m. on Saturday, according to Beth Ann Bergsmark, director of academic and information technology services for UIS.

All e-mails sent to those addresses during that time were properly delivered when the service was restored, she said.

The mail routing service provided by the university was unaffected so that users who had set their accounts to forward their e-mail to an alternate account could still check their e-mail during the outage.

Bergsmark said that UIS addressed the software failures by running “several corrective scans on the mail service,” adding that those scans took several hours because of the size of the GUMail network.

Despite the outage, Bergsmark expressed some measure of confidence in the current system.

“We believe the system is stable now and will continue to monitor the service closely,” she said.

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