When one thinks about dessert in Georgetown, the first thing that comes to mind is cupcakes. But we have enough of those. So when I heard that a pie shop opened up around the corner from my house, I was very excited. The shop is owned and run by three sisters, who grew up baking pies together, hence the name. The sisters have a motto: “Any time is pie time, morning, noon or night.” They are right in saying so.

When I walked into Pie Sisters, I smelled happiness. The quaint little shop has a few tables and a bar along the window for eating your delicious pie in-house. Its reclaimed wood floors and open layout goes nicely with the mood of this dessert epicenter. But the thing that really catches your eye is the pie and, boy, do they have pies.

Their menu is quite extensive, and selections range from sweet to savory, all of which go well with a cup of coffee. Pie Sisters sells slices of classics like as apple and key lime as well as more exotic pies like Apple Sour Cream Crunch. If asked, they will even warm your pie and add some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. They also have “cuppies,” which are cupcake versions of pies that come in a variety of flavors,including the mouth-watering Bourbon Pecan. If you wish, you can also buy a whole pie for your pleasure. Take note, however: If you want to place a large order, call ahead and give at least 24 hours notice.

On my visit, the first thing I had was a slice of the double-crusted apple pie. Served warm, it could not be better. Both the bottom and top crust were flaky and complemented the perfectly roasted apples hidden inside. Bite after bite it just got better, until I realized there was none left. These sisters know how to bake. One thing I have not tried, but am very excited about, is their savory pie. It could not be a better time to dig into a warm and tasty meat pie, which come in several varieties, in both nine-inch pans and “cuppies.”

Conveniently located at 3423 M St. NW, Pie Sisters is a great place for a post-dinner dessert date or to solve your midday sweet tooth cravings. Prices are fairly reasonable with “cuppies” going for $4 and a regular slice at $5.50. Pie Sisters opened Jan. 5 and is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Pie Sisters might give the other sisters on the block a run for their money.

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