The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in lower Manhattan annually features some of the most creative and original costumes in the world. One man last year planted his face inside a mock canvas of Munch’s “The Scream.” Those of us who appreciate a good mind game would enjoy trying to picture the ghastly powers of many of the demons others came as. And even those who aren’t politically inclined can laugh at Sewage W. Bush – a man dressed as George W. Bush with his head in a toilet, holding a sign reading, “When you talk he flushes . the liarrhea.”

But you’re unlikely to find too many costumes like these around campus tonight. On the one night of the year when people are encouraged to take on an alterego, most Georgetown students will tackle the extremely original likes of the Joker, Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber or, our favorite, the slutty nurse.

OK, so perhaps if your costume tonight just happens to be suspiciously similar to those of 50 other students, you can just shrug it off as an honest mistake. But at a university that prides itself in developing free-thinking minds, there is something to be said when so few students show genuine creativity or the desire to take risks and be different in their choice of Halloween attire.

Some of our favorite Halloween costumes we’ve seen over the years? Two years ago, there was the “good catch,” a girl who creatively wrapped herself in a fishing net, filling it with boots, fake fish and a sea urchin. Last year we saw two roommates; one was the devil with a blue dress and the other a brick house (if you’re a freshman born in the last decade, both are song lyrics). We’ll even give a shout out to the brave young men who dared to dress in white robes as the “fallopian tube swim team.” We are in no way suggesting Halloween costumes must be appropriate or can’t be scandalous, just that it’s disappointing so many students can’t be more creative with their Halloween outrageousness.

Of course, there are those among us who choose not to partake in the ritual of Halloween dress-up. Are these students trying to tap into their existential sides by going to parties as themselves, or even better, as college students? Are they raising those daunting questions normally reserved for the confines of a New North seminar room like, “Who are we?” or, “What is our purpose?” Are they trying to bring the intellectual atmosphere of the classroom to the beer-soaked Henle? No, they are probably just being lame.

Fellow Hoyas, we would normally never, ever, ever, ever (!) err on the preachy side. But even though it’s out of character, we are going to preach this week. Get a costume. Make it creative. And have fun out there.

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