Members of the D.C. community could trade in their phones for flowers on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District’s “Clean, Green and Golden” spring cleaning week. The “Flowers for Phones” event is just one of many recycling initiatives across the District in preparation for Earth Day.

Other organizations are also focusing their environmentally conscious efforts on cell phones. In celebration of the annual Earth Day, AT&T will be welcoming residents to local stores for recycling old wireless devices. In exchange, customers are rewarded with a 10 percent discount on all non-Apple accessories purchases made on that day. Customers will also receive a reusable shopping bag.

Verizon Wireless, in cooperation with Computer Warehouse Group, urges customers to recycle phones they no longer use with HopeLine, a program that uses the recycled phones to support survivors of domestic violence.

Student groups at Georgetown are also getting in on the Earth Day action. EcoAction, a group that promotes environmental advocacy on campus, will be sponsoring multiple events with other student organizations. They will be having a screening of the documentary “FRESH,” a film about local food systems, with the College Democrats, the Georgetown Sustainability Garden and Georgetown Unconventional Eaters. They will also have a plant tour and a kayaking trip with Outdoor Education.

EcoAction will also join the climate rally at the National Mall on April 25. The rally, organized by the Earth Day Network, is trying to call for strong climate legislation from Congress.

“On Earth Day itself, we’ll be participating in `Green Square,’ which will be a huge festival in Red Square with a ton of other groups,” Kristin Ng (MSB ’11), the president of EcoAction, said. “We’ll be setting up tables and selling our reusable bags as well as being on hand to discuss environmental initiatives we’ve been working on all year.”

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