At the White House early Wednesday morning, hundreds gathered to protest or celebrate Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

The Art of the Protest (Jan. 20)

Political art, inspired by both protest and populism, encounters renewed vitality in the era of President Donald Trump.

Jesus Rodriguez/The Hoya

Trump Arrives in Capital Amid Protests, Celebrations (Jan. 24)

The weekend of Trump’s inauguration featured scenes of celebration and resistance in Washington, D.C., that foreshadowed a year of political division.

Noor Shakfeh’s (GRD ’17) father came to America from Syria to practice medicine when he was 26. Today, Shakfeh works to find disease prevention solutions in Syria.

Two Weeks After Executive Order, ‘All Are Welcome Here’ (Feb. 10)

Members of the Georgetown community confronted uncertainty and disruption after the new Trump presidency issued an executive order restricting travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.


179 Years Later, Descendants of Slaves Seek Future at Georgetown (Sept. 15)

In 1838, Georgetown’s Jesuits sold 272 slaves to a Louisiana planter to keep the university financially afloat. Now, descendants of those slaves are navigating life as Georgetown students.


Beneath The Tombs: A Rich Art History (Sept. 15)

Patrons know The Tombs for its college-friendly fare and distinctly Georgetown traditions. But the neighborhood staple also houses a richly evocative and nostalgic collection of art.


A Story of Strength: The Life of Yarrow Mamout (Sept. 29)

After becoming a slave at 16 and a freedman at 60, Yarrow Mamout rose to prominence as a financier for black and white merchants at Georgetown. His enduring legacy — as captured by two famed portraits — continues to kindle interest nearly 200 years after his death.

The Georgetown Scholarship Program offers support to 650 students, most of whom are first-generation, to attend college.

Missing Out: The GSP Students Who Would Have Been (Oct. 6)

Money woes plague students who narrowly missed the cut for the Georgetown Scholarship Program, the university’s largest resource for financially disadvantaged students.


Toeing the Line: Free Speech and Sex on Campus (Oct. 13)

Some discussions of sex remain taboo at the country’s oldest Catholic university.


VIEWPOINT: As Jesuit Presence Fades, Georgetown Recommits to Its Roots (Nov. 7)

Even with a dwindling number of Jesuits in Georgetown classrooms, the increasing inclusivity of the university signals a fuller realization of its values, argues opinion writer Will Simon.


The Legend Returns, A New Chapter Begins (Nov. 10)

As a player in the ’80s, Patrick Ewing (CAS ’85) helped transform Georgetown into a basketball powerhouse. But will his return to the Hilltop as coach help save a beleaguered program that has fallen on tough times?


Diversity, Defined (Nov. 15)

Georgetown touts “Community in Diversity” as one of its core Jesuit values. But some students still face challenges to finding their place on campus.

Interviews with nine graduate and undergraduate students, faculty members and former diplomats from the School of Foreign Service reflected a growing attitude of disaffection with State Department leadership and the administration of President Donald Trump.

In Era of Trump and Tillerson, Students Lose Faith in Foreign Service Careers (Dec. 8)

Mayhem in the State Department could be driving prospective foreign service students to take their talents elsewhere.

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