Name: Tommy Lee

Sport: Baseball

Hometown: Mahopac, N.Y.

High School: Mahopac

Year: Junior

Career Highlights: Helped his club team, the Bayside Yankees, to the National Amateur Baseball Federation Championship in 2005. Transferred from Winthrop University this fall.

When did you first start playing baseball? When I was young, about 12 or 13, because the coaches I had for baseball were always the kind of people I enjoyed playing for. That’s what made the game so special.

How is it like in the Hoya locker room? Of course you can’t know all about that! No, it’s great, the guys are great. We get along fabulous. The kind of camaraderie that’s there, you couldn’t ask for better people. I personally saw it, coming in as an outsider and being welcomed in so quickly. It’s a great bunch of guys, I’d do anything for them.

Your first time playing for the Hoyas? My first game playing for Georgetown was against the Washington Nationals, so that was pretty monumental. The minute I got here I understood the pride that came with wearing the Hoya uniform, so it was kind of a big moment to see “Georgetown” written across my chest. It comes with a lot of pride.

Team Joker: Got a list? We’ve got a bunch of guys from top to bottom, especially the sophomore class right now, they’re full of them. Who do you depend on the most on the team? I’d say the whole group, but I think it’s important for me to mention the two captains, Matt Harrigan and Matthew Maranges, you couldn’t ask for better examples of what captains should be.

Favorite athlete? Michael Jordan.

If you could be great at any other sport, what would it be? Basketball. I’d like to be tall, I know if I was taller I’d be able to play basketball. And I like the fast pace.

Hardest Class in Georgetown? Calculus.

Best moment in your career so far? I’d say winning the National Championship with the Bayside Yankees. It was one of those games that everyone was absolutely exhausted but it was the National Championships and all the adrenaline just eliminates everything. And it was a really close game and we won late on in the game. It was great. It was definitely like out of a movie.

ost embarrassing moment? Oh wow I’m trying to figure out which one would be the best one. I guess it would be one time when I actually struck out but I thought the ump called it “ball” and I didn’t hear him say “strike.” The game just seemed to go on to me, and I was out there on first base for a good two minutes. I took a lead and everything, I was good to go. And the ump had to come up to me and literally tap me on the shoulder and tell me I was out. And this was in front of a packed crowd – talk about being jeered at walking back. It was bad.

What is the one thing you miss most about home? I miss my brothers and sisters, and that includes my dog, he’s definitely like one my siblings. I miss the chaos there, there was always something going on, always so much commotion. I miss that the most.

Favorite movie? I’m going to cheat and say two: “The Count of Monte Cristo” and “Cinderella Man.”

A movie you’re embarassed to admit you like? “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.”

Biggest pet peeve? Nodders. People who are constantly just agreeing and I sometimes just want to grab their head and be like, “Stop agreeing, let me finish first!” Oh, and when there’s a little cut it your nail and it catches on things … man, that drives me nuts. I actually have nail clippers in my car back home and I’d run to my car in the middle of a game to get rid of it.

Favorite Georgetown restaurant? Sequoia. It’s unbelievable.

Greatest inspiration? My grandpa. Me and him have a great relationship. He’s hysterical. He’s just so level-headed and hard-working, he’s the definition of blue collar. He keeps things in perspective for me, he won’t let my head wander of get too big.

Booey’s or Wisey’s? Booeys. They’re more creative. – Interview by Hijab Shah

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