At only 4-foot-9, freshman Annie Wilson has finally found her niche. Wilson, a forward for Georgetown field hockey, may be the smallest member on the team, but she is a great addition to [the ever-improving field hockey team](

“The advantages of my height? I would have to say that the fact that I am so low to the ground already really helps me on the field,” Wilson said.

“We have to stay low with our sticks for most of the game, and the reality that I am shorter than everyone else helps me be low longer without my back hurting. Also, people really underestimate me because of my height, but in all actuality, they shouldn’t.”

Wilson had other dreams instead of playing field hockey at Georgetown. Ever since she was little, she was convinced that she would play basketball for UConn. She played basketball for 13 years, but after her junior year of high school, she realized that field hockey might be the way to go.

“As a joke, my high school coach had me do the jump at the beginning of the game,” Wilson said with a smirk .

Although choosing field hockey over basketball was probably the right decision, Wilson does feel that there are still small disadvantages with her height.

“The only trouble I get into is when there is a one-on-one and I have to box someone [who] is taller than me out,” she said. “Other than that, though, I feel my height is helpful for the game!”

Wilson isn’t the only newcomer to the field hockey team. In fact, she is one of 12 incoming freshmen. The field hockey team could actually play an entire field with only freshmen.

Starting her college career with so many other teammates her age is certainly an experience for Wilson.

“My class might be a little inexperienced because we never have played in college before, but we are so talented,” she said. “We really feel that we can change Georgetown field hockey and really turn the program around. As for my team, I love my team; they are the nicest people I have ever been around.”

Wilson seems to be enjoying her first few weeks here on the Hilltop. She loves that the school is in the city, and feels that it is the perfect size. But has anyone ever given her a hard time about her size?

“Michaela [O’Toole] calls me `Smalls,’ but other than that, I probably make fun of myself before anyone else has a chance to,” Wilson said. “I embrace my size!”

As a result of her short stature, she has been involved in some comical situations. In one case, she was pulled over by a police officer who simply did not believe she was old enough to drive, even after she showed him her license. More recently, one of the employees at O’Donovan Hall asked Wilson her age and walked away. Apparently, they were placing bets on how old Wilson really was. The woman who asked returned and announced that she was right.

“I knew you were 18!” she said.

eredith Cox is a senior on the women’s basketball team and is also a consistent contributor to Hoya Insider. Inside Look provides an athlete’s perspective on other Georgetown sports.”

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