The Department of Public Safety recorded 42 incidents in September, 30 of which are still pending investigation, according to the DPS online crime log.

DPS closed five of the 42 cases this month, three of them with arrests. The remaining cases include destruction of property, theft, burglary, sexual allegations and threats, as well as alcohol and drug violations. The most frequently reported crime was theft, accounting for 20 of the incidents this month. A large portion of these thefts resulted after students left items unattended.

Lauinger Library and Harbin Hall were the most common sites for thefts, and other on campus crimes.

Erin Brinig (MSB ’13) was not surprised to hear about the theft rate in the library, as many students consider Georgetown a safe place and often do not worry about safety.

“People leave their stuff there all the time,” she said.

Compared to nearby universities, Georgetown has seen relatively low rates of crime this month. The Metropolitan Police Department reported five incidents within 1,500 feet of the center of campus this month. This is much lower than the 26 incidents reported near The George Washington University and 13 by Howard University and equivalent to the five incidents reported near American University’s campus.

Another commonly reported crime was burglary, with eight incidents reported in September. All of the burglary cases remain open, and MPD is aiding in the investigation of two of the incidents.

Five of the cases were forwarded to Student Conduct after initial investigation, and one has since been closed.

According to the university website, “The student discipline system is not a substitute for the criminal and civil courts, but an additional option for complainants when the alleged violator is an enrolled Georgetown University student.”

If students are found to be responsible for the violation, disciplinary action is taken.

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