Walk down M Street on a Sunday afternoon and you may be able to catch a glimpse of the eight-month-old Sweets of Georgetown Chocolate Tour.  Though these tours are relatively new to Georgetown, they have existed for several years in Boston and more recently in other locations aroundD.C.  The brainchild of entrepreneur David Goldstein, these tours take an eager crowd of chocolate lovers on what Tour Manager Nicole Keimer describes as a “pub crawl for chocolate.”

The tours, capped at 14 people, meander for about two and a half hours from shop to shop and include tasting samples, hearing a presentation and shopping for sweets at each location.  The Georgetown tour visits shops all around the M Street area, from Dean and Deluca to Fleurir Hand Grown Chocolates to Sprinkles Cupcakes.

These tours are a great way to hear the stories of various small business owners, learn about how chocolate is made and learn how to taste chocolate. The weekly explorations have almost always been sold out in advance.  Due to their popularity, DC Metro Chocolate Tours is considering adding a new route in the area.

The vast majority of the guests are reportedly older women and couples in their 20s.  The slow pace of the tours ensures that no grandma is left behind in the chaos of the Georgetown sidewalks.  Most of the guests live in the D.C. metropolitan area and are looking for a fun adventure aside from the museums and the National Mall.

Keimer considers the most interesting part of the tour to be the opportunity to discover obscure vendors that you would not chance upon yourself.  For example, on one tour, she discovered what has become her favorite cafe.

The one downside is the cost.  Despite the many free samples, $48 is quite a price to pay for a walk down M Street with the local knitting club and a few lovebirds. If you do go, be sure to do so on an empty stomach, or you may feel sick at the end. It might be more worth your time to see a new part of town with the Dupont or U Street tours or to commit a day to exploring D.C. with friends.  That way, you’ll` get the added bonus of a more adventurous day and the pride of self-discovery.

If, however, you prefer to do your exploring with a knowledgeable guide or are tired of the usual museums and have 50 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, the DC Metro Chocolate tours could be a great weekend activity.

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