Yes, the men’s basketball team’s loss to Davidson is painful. Even so, I – and I am certain many others – want to thank the team and their coach for such a wonderful year. Special thanks to the seniors, whose bearing, behavior and accomplishments on and off the court do such credit to themselves, their families and Georgetown.

Please know how much joy and pride you have inspired in those who have watched you over the years. I hope all of you have heard students tell about the magical explosion of joy and exuberance that began at 36th and N Streets last year and culminated in a run to the gates of the White House after Jonathan Wallace launched one of his magnificent threes to send the game against North Carolina into overtime and then to a Georgetown University win for the ages. Many of those students present – not to mention administrators, faculty and staff – no doubt cherish that moment as one of their most precious at Georgetown. It is all thanks to you.

Seniors, can you imagine how many of us look forward to cheering for you, as you walk across the platform at graduation? You are Georgetown. Forever.

arilyn McMorrow, RSCJ

Visiting Asst. Professor in the SFS

arch 24, 2008

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