1038998752 (1)The tailgate is a fan favorite during Homecoming Weekend, an event enjoyed by all ages of the Georgetown community. While most of the weekend’s events are generously made free of charge by on-campus groups and the Office of Advancement, the tailgate charges an equal fee for all attendees.

These $15 presale and $25 door prices cover food, promotional gifts, an ’80s cover band and — for those of age — alcoholic beverages. It’s unnecessary to set a fixed ticket price when many undergraduates attending will not be 21 and thus unable to partake in what many consider the highlight of a tailgate: beer. To strengthen the tradition in future years, the Office of Advancement should consider pro-rating tickets for students. Those who wish to consume alcohol at the event and are 21 and over would pay the alumni price of $20 for their ticket, while those who do not wish to drink or are under the age of 21 could pay less.

Some Homecoming events are alumni exclusive, making the tailgate an especially enjoyable part of the weekend for current students. For some, though, the $15 or $25 rate is a steep cost, especially if they provide access to only some of the amenities. Lowering the price for those who do not wish to consume alcohol at the event could encourage more current students and alumni to join the party.

While all Homecoming events are planned in the spirit of “One Tradition Unites Us All,” the tailgate is one tradition that, with slight modifications, could unite even more of Georgetown in the future.

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