The $1 million donated by Board of Directors Chairman Paul Tagliabue (CAS ’62) and his wife Chandler to the LGBTQ Resource Center in October will soon become available to its staff.

The donation must be invested and processed fully by the Office of Financial Affairs before funds become accessible. This process usually takes a minimum of four to six months, according to Center Director Sivagami Subbaraman.

The Tagliabue Initiative for LGBTQ Life: Fostering Formation and Transformation, a portion of the Tagliabues’ $5 million donation to the university as part of the current capital campaign, will be distributed to the center in increments of $40,000 to $50,000 a month. Subbaraman plans to set up an advisory group of faculty, students, staff and alumni to govern the use of the donation.

“When the money does become available to us … the advisory committee and myself will have to think of the most thoughtful way to use the money for the betterment of LGBTQ life on campus through the years,” she said.

The Tagliabues will also be involved in decisions about how to use the money, which Subbaraman hopes will increase funding for speakers, events, workshops and student groups.

Tagliabue, a former commissioner of the National Football League and the father of an openly gay son, intends to increase collaboration among the center, the athletic department and students’ parents, according to Subbaraman.

Michael Deneen (COL ’14), a student employee of the center, hopes to use the money to bolster LGTBQ-focused programming.

“I’m looking forward to the money allowing for a wider base of student involvement. Not only students involved in LGTBQ life, but allies and other interested participants, will hopefully be able to help us to cement a larger presence on campus,” he said.

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