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CHRISTOVICH: A Farewell Letter to David Ortiz

CHRISTOVICH: A Farewell Letter to David Ortiz

Dear David Ortiz, I grew up hating you. I do not have a specific first memory of watching you play or remember the first time your talents infuriated me. But, for as long as I can remember, you were public enemy No. 1 of the New York Yankees’ fan base.[Read More…]

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Yankees shortstop Deter Jeter retired on Sunday after an illustrious 20-year career in New York.

Commentary: Sports May Never See Another Derek Jeter

There, in his Gatorade-soaked uniform, he crouched on the lip of the outfield grass between short and second — the same area of the field he had taken countless times in his 20-year career. But this time it was different, and all of Yankee Stadium knew it. The flash of[Read More…]

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Keeping History Alive at Old-Timers’ Day

Keeping History Alive at Old-Timers’ Day

I’ve never had the fortune of making it to Cooperstown, but I’ve been lucky enough to attend one of the next best collections of baseball history: Old-Timers’ Day at Yankee Stadium. For the 68th time this past Sunday, players in between the championship seasons of 1947 and 2009 gathered in[Read More…]

Guilty Woes of Being a Sox Fan

Ten games. Ten straight losses. They were embarrassed. I was embarrassed. Late inning collapses. Lackluster offense. Poor pitching performances. For 10 straight games, I watched horrific baseball. SportsCenter updates flooded my phone. The final box score spammed my email. Newspaper headlines the next morning reminded me that the Red Sox[Read More…]

Decisions That Changed Sports

My favorite column from Bill Simmons, the sportswriter whom I read the most, is his “What If” NBA column from 2008, in which he outlines 15 of the biggest chains of events in recent NBA history. Here, I’m doing my own “What If” column with an example from each of[Read More…]

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Unlike Past Signings, Trout Is the Real Deal

It’s a time of great change in baseball: The Yankees are aged and decrepit, the steroid era has been replaced by a new wave of pitching dominance and Bud Selig will be ending his reign as MLB commissioner in 2014. With the sharp decline of offense in baseball, the big[Read More…]

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Exit Sandman: Farewell to Rivera

Saturday’s announcement that Yankees closer Mariano Rivera had made his last appearance of the season marked the long-awaited conclusion of the most dominant career baseball has ever seen. The decision officially came from manager Joe Girardi, but Mo’s obvious input into the decision reflected all of the wonderful qualities that[Read More…]

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Outdated MLB Must Innovate

It seems strange to criticize a professional sports league that generated $7.5 billion in revenue in 2012 and projects $9 billion by 2014. After all, Major League Baseball’s second richest team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, recently sold for an astronomical $2.15 billion. If that’s what the Dodgers are worth, what[Read More…]

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Yanks Will Top Philly for Title

With Opening Day just a week and a half away, it’s time to roll out picks for the 2012 Major League Baseball season. With superstars Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder switching squads and the arrivals of newcomers such as Yu Darvish and Matt Moore, this year’s MLB landscape is in flux. But despite the[Read More…]

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October Is Cliff Lee’s Playground

HE’S BEEN TRADED FOUR TIMES in his career and three times in the last 15 months. He was 5-8 with a 6.29 earned run average and was demoted to Triple-A as a 29-year-old in 2007. He’s been underestimated, disrespected and shipped cross-country more than once. Now Cliff Lee is the[Read More…]

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