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Student workers and members of the Georgetown community joined a rally organized by GSC to show solidarity with workers who were mistreated during Winter Storm Jonas.

Students, Workers Deliver Demands at Rally

Students, campus workers and community members came together in a demonstration to express solidarity with mistreated university workers in Red Square on Friday. The rally, which was led by the Georgetown Solidarity Committee, served as the concluding event in its first weeklong Work With Dignity Campaign. The campaign was launched[Read More…]

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Prioritize Workers’ Rights

Prioritize Workers’ Rights

Georgetown is currently celebrating the 10-year anniversary of our Just Employment Policy, but at the same time, we must acknowledge the areas in which we continue to fail our campus workers. A group of students from the Georgetown Solidarity Committee and employees in the Facilities and Management Department attempted to[Read More…]

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GU Protects Bangladesh Workers

Georgetown will now require all trademark licensees that source, produce or purchase products in Bangladesh to abide by an international, legally binding agreement to help protect workers, the university announced Thursday. The Accord on Fire and Building Safety was founded in May 2013 following the collapse of the RanaPlaza factory in[Read More…]

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GADEA: Epicurean Owner Tasteless

GADEA: Epicurean Owner Tasteless

With loud cries of war around the world, it can be easy to miss the quieter signs of social injustice close to home. However, these indecencies must be paid heed, as they affect us in a direct — albeit less headline-worthy — way. One such wrong is the abuse of[Read More…]

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The Last Word

If last year was a year of stagnancy and administrative pushback, this year was one of concerted movement and building momentum. From the push for greater workers’ rights to the tangible initiatives instituted to shift student social life on campus, this year was one characterized by mobilization. Here is the[Read More…]

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To Leo’s Workers: ‘We Hear You’

Upon returning to Georgetown this August, many students found themselves disappointed with the changes in service offered at O’Donovan Hall. I immediately noticed a change in the variety of food that was offered, including the number of healthy food options. Students are frustrated with these changes and feel ignored by[Read More…]

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