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AMBER GILLETTE/THE HOYA From left to right: Ambassador Melanne Verveer, who co-moderated the event, women’s rights activist Masih Alinejad and author Azar Nafisi criticized the mandatory hijab policy in Iran at a Dec. 5 panel.

Iranian Women’s Rights Advocate Criticizes Mandatory Hijab Policy

Oppressive policies toward women in the Middle East must be combatted, scholars, leaders and activists said at a panel on women’s rights in Iran on Dec. 5. Iran currently ranks in the bottom third among 153 countries in a women’s well-being and empowerment index created by the Georgetown Institute for[Read More…]

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SHEEL PATEL/THE HOYA From left to right: Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security executive director Melanne Verveer, chief operating officer of WEConnect Greta Schettler (GRD '11), gender parity task forces coordinator at the Inter-American Development Bank Andrea Saldarriaga Jiménez (GRD '16), World Bank social scientist Miriam Müller and project director for the Women's Empowerment for Economic Development and Resilience Project Lucia España speak at an event Sept. 21.

Female Entrepreneurs Fuel Economic Success, Panelists Say

Female economic participation cultivates a more equitable and productive economy, women’s rights experts said at a panel in Riggs Library on Friday, Sept. 21. Hosted by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, the panel provided intervention strategies to overcome systemic barriers to women’s economic participation in Latin and[Read More…]

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LUX: The Trump Brand of Feminism

LUX: The Trump Brand of Feminism

This weekend, Washington, D.C., flooded with over 500,000 women and men, championing feminism and marching for women’s rights threatened under Donald Trump. And still, the new administration claims a feminist symbol in the form of first daughter Ivanka Trump, who enjoys a glamorous reputation as a woman who seems to[Read More…]

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BASSEY: Addressing the Great Democratic Disconnect

BASSEY: Addressing the Great Democratic Disconnect

The dust has settled from the 2014 midterm elections. The newly elected candidates are in power, and the opposition to President Obama has made itself known, but has the message been misinterpreted? Sure, there were several instances in which Democrats lost or nearly lost (Sen. Mark Warner, Va.) because of[Read More…]

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Michelle Xu

En*ugh is Enough

Foolish is the idea that every action carried out by Georgetown University is a unified one. Inevitably, we disagree as a community. When we open up those differences to discussion, we find an aspect of Georgetown that actually unites us: pluralism. Yet, when a silent H*yas for Choice protest was[Read More…]

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Changing City and College

With the recent creation of a White House task force to combat sexual assault on college campuses, it is clear that necessary national scrutiny has returned to the issue of sexual misconduct. Both the Hilltop and the District have recently made long-overdue updates to their policies that will allow the[Read More…]

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CORREIA: The Need to Rename Feminism

CORREIA: The Need to Rename Feminism

As those who reject feminism distort the definition of the movement, so too do those at the other extreme who use feminism to advance their elitist, man-bashing agendas. At what point does a distorted definition become the true definition? In today’s Western culture, words become colloquialisms more quickly and easily[Read More…]

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Institute Already World Players

The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security has striven to incorporate the female role in peace and security agreements, negotiations and movements since its inception in December 2011. It is now at the forefront of women’s involvement in international affairs characterized by a rapidly changing global landscape. “The institute[Read More…]

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HEYMANN: Make Room For ‘Mom’ On Resumes

HEYMANN: Make Room For ‘Mom’ On Resumes

Two months ago, I was sitting in White-Gravenor Hall 305, enthralled by Elizabeth Alexander’s presentation to Georgetown University Women in Leadership. Alexander, who previously served as Joe Biden’s press secretary, was the definition of poise. She was bold, she was eloquent and she had a quick wit with an easy smile. Throughout[Read More…]

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MTV Filmed Live on Campus

MTV filmed live from campus, allowing students to pose questions to the presidential candidates in Healy Circle Friday afternoon. MTV News correspondent Andrew Jenks interviewed nearly 40 students, who were selected through a short application on Wed. The student questions corresponded to a a live online segment of a televised[Read More…]

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