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Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was one of 300 Catholic Priests accused of sexually abusing boys and men. He currently holds an honorary degree at Georgetown that the university may revoke in light of the recent scandal.

University Considering Action Against Cardinal McCarrick

Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia criticized Catholic leadership for its complicity in recently surfaced sexual assault scandals in an email on Tuesday. DeGioia’s email addressed a report published by a Pennsylvania Grand Jury in August that identified over 300 Catholic priests in Pennsylvania who sexually abused more than 1,000[Read More…]

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University Appoints First Full-Time Title IX Coordinator

University Appoints First Full-Time Title IX Coordinator

Georgetown University has appointed Laura Cutway as the university’s first full-time Title IX coordinator, according to a campus-wide email sent Wednesday afternoon. Cutway will be responsible for enforcing Georgetown’s sexual misconduct policy, investigating sexual misconduct and leading the school’s sexual misconduct education efforts. Cutway started her role Jan. 11. The[Read More…]

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University Bans Hoverboards

University administration prohibited the use and storage of hoverboards on campus Thursday through a campus-wide email. This decision comes at a time when the popular self-balancing transportation devices are being investigated for causing serious physical injuries to users as well as sparking house fires resulting from faulty manufacturing. In a[Read More…]

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KHAN: All Speech  Matters

KHAN: All Speech Matters

“I personally am tired of hearing that First Amendment rights protect students when they are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and for other students here.” Those are the words of University of Missouri Student Asscoiation Vice President Brenda Smith-Lezama. The greatest invention of free people —[Read More…]

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KHAN: When the Right Is Left Out

KHAN: When the Right Is Left Out

A true liberal arts education is meant to introduce students to a wide variety of thoughts, and professors are supposed to be the well-intentioned and informed mediators of discussion. However, it is very clear that, as stated by a New York Times reporter in 2010, a “professor is a label[Read More…]

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Put a Dent in Debt

A Georgetown education is expensive, and the university needs to do more to help its students deal with the rising costs. The upward trend in tuition costs shows no sign of slowing, and students increasingly rely on loans to finance a substantial part of this cost. Student loans notoriously cannot[Read More…]

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Kindling the Fire

Last Wednesday, the Office of the Provost sent an email urging students to attend a series of events called “Ignite the Dream,” an initiative that aims to facilitate a conversation about race, equality and systems of oppression — an especially pertinent set of issues since the coverage of Michael Brown’s[Read More…]

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BASSEY: University Rank Spells Trouble

BASSEY: University Rank Spells Trouble

For those who haven’t heard, President Obama proposed a plan in 2013 to reform the higher education system. His proposal aims to release definitive rankings of universities and colleges. something on which U.S. News and World Report and Princeton Review have always held a monopoly. Although it seems impractical to[Read More…]

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FIELDS: To Be Effective, Liberal Arts Should Liberate

FIELDS: To Be Effective, Liberal Arts Should Liberate

A Jesuit named John Courtney Murray once warned us in a prophetic book that the freedoms we Americans enjoy are constantly threatened by what he calls “barbarism,” which results from the very nature of humanity. We are at once capable of knowing and doing what is true and good and[Read More…]

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The Housing Injustice of 2017

The Housing Injustice of 2017

On those colorful Georgetown University brochures and pamphlets that started coming in the mail my junior year of high school, I remember seeing fun phrases like, “Join us on the Hilltop!” or “Hoya Saxa!” Do you know what fun phrase I didn’t see? “We’re locking you on campus for three[Read More…]

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