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A Voyage Through JFK’s Legacy

The Smithsonian American Art Museum recently unveiled its newest exhibit, “American Visionary: John F. Kennedy’s Life and Times,” a fascinating photo gallery that explores and celebrates the life and legacy of the 35th president. Visitors might ask, what exactly is it that makes Kennedy an “American visionary,” and an international[Read More…]

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CRAIGE: MLS Still Lags Behind Premier Competition

CRAIGE: MLS Still Lags Behind Premier Competition

With just two weeks to go until the return of the English Premier League, it is somehow getting harder to wait that long. Fortunately, ESPN has started broadcasting most of the International Champions Cup “friendlies,” so we are not entirely without the wonderful sport. In fact, we have never really[Read More…]

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CRAIGE: Pre-Season Tours Ramp Up Team Training

CRAIGE: Pre-Season Tours Ramp Up Team Training

Here is a truly exciting thought: In just 18 days, the 2016-17 season of the English Premier League kicks off. For fans of La Liga and Bundesliga, I am afraid that you will have to wait a little longer, as those leagues kick off on Aug. 19 and 26, respectively.[Read More…]

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GREGORY: Two Foes And A Fragile Alliance

Istanbul’s Istiklal Street is the city’s main commercial thoroughfare, containing a variety of businesses and connecting the famous landmarks Taksim Square and Galata Tower. On weekends, around 3 million people traverse its time-worn cobblestones; locals hurry to work while tourists examine storefront displays or escape the crowds at outdoor cafes.[Read More…]

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NGUYEN: Narrow American Principles

NGUYEN: Narrow American Principles

There’s no hope for the rest of us. By that, I mean anyone whose heritage, values and principles are not wholly consistent with what are deemed “American” principles. That is what I got out of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s recent interview on “Meet the Press,” during which he insinuated[Read More…]

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Michelle Xu

For Indian PM, an All-Star American Tour

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to the United States with great expectations, after his party was the first to win a majority in India in 30 years. After a brief immigration mishap, Modi arrives with a singular mandate — to give a renewed impetus to U.S.-India relations. Modi[Read More…]

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Members of the State Department Discussed U.S. Relations with Asia

Former and current members of the State Department discussed the future of the United States’ role in Asia in Gaston Hall Thursday afternoon. The event,“Forging Consensus: U.S.-Asia Policy in the Next Administration,” was organized by the Korea Economic Institute, the School of Foreign Service Asian Studies Program and Georgetown’s Office[Read More…]

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Delayed START Could Be Costly

I will refrain from any Cold War cliches as best I can, but talking about the United States, Russia and arms control is going to make that harder than hiding missiles in Cuba. The Senate is currently threatening to stall debate on the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) legislation,[Read More…]

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Pakistani Ambassador Disappointed by Ignoranc

Recounting the devastating floods in Pakistan this summer, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani, urged students gathered in the Mortara Center Monday to divert their attention to the ongoing disaster. Haqqani said that the international response to last July’s floods in Pakistan has been abysmal. “Pakistan has been[Read More…]

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Obama Inaction Threatens Friendship with Japan

Futenma poses a major challenge to President Obama’s administration, but has gotten fairly little exposure in the U.S. press. Although it is a word that is likely unfamiliar to most Americans stateside, the Japan Times mentions it continually. Futenma is a U.S. Marine Corps Air Station in Okinawa. Due to[Read More…]

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