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OSMAN: Influence Gone Wrong

OSMAN: Influence Gone Wrong

President Donald Trump is widely believed to be isolationist. After all, his infamous mottos, “Make America Great Again” and “America First,” reinforce the notion that only our nation, or Trump’s nation, matters in the international spectrum. Yet, day by day and headline by headline, it becomes evident that Trump likes[Read More…]

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Jeff Bernstein (GRD '85), a member of the advisory board to the Master of Science in Foreign Service program, resigned his post Monday after tweeting an abusive message to a female conservative commentator.

MSFS Board Member Resigns After Wishing ‘#MeToo Moment’ on Female Commentator

A member of the advisory board for Georgetown University’s Master of Science in Foreign Service program resigned Monday after posting a tweet on Saturday evening that appeared to condone sexual harassment of a female conservative commentator. Jeff Bernstein (GRD ’85), formerly a managing director at Pennsylvania-based advisory firm Solebury Capital,[Read More…]

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Georgetown Law Institute Files Brief in Trump Twitter Lawsuit

A Georgetown University Law Center institute filed an amicus brief in a lawsuit earlier this month arguing that President Donald Trump violated the First Amendment by blocking constituents on Twitter. Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection filed an amicus brief Nov. 6 that contends that Trump’s Twitter feed[Read More…]

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AUERBACH: Hardy’s Twitter Demonstrates Half-Hearted Attempt at Redemption

AUERBACH: Hardy’s Twitter Demonstrates Half-Hearted Attempt at Redemption

Since the rise of Twitter’s popularity as a vessel for fans to communicate with and access the unfiltered thoughts of celebrities, professional athletes and politicians, these high-profile individuals have used it as  a tool in their public relations campaigns. This is no different in the case of former Dallas Cowboys[Read More…]

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SMITH: What Yeezy Taught Me About Failure

SMITH: What Yeezy Taught Me About Failure

“I specifically ordered Persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple Persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh.” Posted July 29, 2010, this absurd remark is exactly what most would expect from self-proclaimed genius Kanye West’s Twitter account. Widely regarded as an egotistical maniac, West’s[Read More…]

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NGUYEN: Twitter Success Is Decieving

NGUYEN: Twitter Success Is Decieving

As we inch closer and closer to 2016, one thing that pundits have emphasized is a candidate’s Twitter success, measured by the number of followers or retweets a candidate accumulates following a debate or event. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina scored 22,000 followers apiece after the first debate, Ted Cruz[Read More…]

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BARTON: Stop Directing Vitriol Toward College Athletes

BARTON: Stop Directing Vitriol Toward College Athletes

With only a few seconds remaining in the game, fifth-year senior Michigan punter Blake O’Neill stood on a football field in Ann Arbor, Mich., surrounded by thousands of people donning the maize and blue. When O’Neill jogged on to the field, Michigan appeared to have already won the game. New[Read More…]

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CHOLVIN & CHRISTIANSEN: The Trouble With Online Witch Hunts

CHOLVIN & CHRISTIANSEN: The Trouble With Online Witch Hunts

In 17th-century Puritan Massachusetts, transgressions as small as kissing one’s spouse in public on a Sunday could earn one several hours of public shame in the stocks. In the stocks, offenders were exposed not just to the elements, but also to the insults, kicks, spit and frequent urine of passersby.[Read More…]

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What’s in a Word? Privilege in the Media

Last Tuesday, three North Carolina students were shot dead. I learned of this news, as many of you likely did, through social media. I went in pursuit of more information about this #ChapelHillShooting, but my searches were met with more tweets and posts and with very few reports from news[Read More…]

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The Social Media Takeover

“I’m heading straight to the library, but I can totally Facebook you later if you want,” Neha Shah (COL ’17) said. This was the response to an interview request for an article on social media and their effect on campus social life — one that made clear how second-nature all[Read More…]

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