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Bicycling Moves Adventures Beyond the Front Gates

Mobility is a luxury. As midterms finally begin to wane and I find myself with enough time to wander off campus, this has again become achingly clear. Without a nearby metro stop or access to a car, transportation options can certainly seem limited. Back at home, my stolid Honda Pilot[Read More…]

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McKenzie Schwarze (NHS ’17) and Alexis Campbell (COL ’17) hail a cab outside the front gates. Hailo, a new cab-hailing app, offers riders a 50 percent discount on weekday taxi rides.

Cab-Hailing App Lowers Taxi Fares

Cab-hailing app Hailo implemented a limited time discount program on Sept. 8 that cuts weekday fare prices by 50 percent for D.C.-area rides taken between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hailo, a free app co-founded by three taxi drivers which allows users to order taxi rides through their smartphones, is[Read More…]

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Decongesting Prospect

Thankfully, most Georgetown students don’t have to worry about rush hour traffic in Georgetown. But, for a few hours each afternoon, rush hour traffic chokes up the intersection leading to the nearby Key Bridge, congesting by extension portions of M Street, 34th Street and — more often than not —[Read More…]

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While UberBLACK, Uber’s premium car service, saw a 7 percent rate increase, uberX riders can enjoy a 15 percent rate cut.

UberBLACK Prices Raised

Uber, the app-based transportation company, dropped its rates for the discounted uberX service while raising prices for the signature UberBLACK cars, effective Aug. 18. Originally Uber’s only service, this high-end town car service now charges a minimum of $15, with a $7 base fare that adds $3.40 per mile traveled in[Read More…]

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Gondola Considered in Transit Overhaul

With scant transportation options in the Georgetown neighborhood, the District has explored areas for innovation, including a gondola lift connecting Car Barn and the Rosslyn Metro stop. This proposal is part of an effort to better connect Georgetown with local transportation through the Business Improvement District. Among the plans are[Read More…]

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New Attempt to Expand GUTS

The GUSA senate unanimously passed a resolution Sunday night that called for extending the Rosslyn, Wisconsin Avenue and Dupont Circle Metro Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle weekend bus schedules. The bill is similar to a failed 2011 attempt by the GUSA senate to implement “Night Owl” and “Early Bird” shuttles to[Read More…]

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Inauguration Crowd Cause Transit Delays

Travelling to President Barack Obama’s second inauguration on Monday, most commuters arrived at Capitol Hill without a hitch. The journey home, however, was a different story. Long lines, inactive escalators and stalled trains clogged the Metro after the ceremony. “On the way there, it would’ve been smarter to take the Metro,”[Read More…]

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Expanding the Zip Fleet

Expanding the Zip Fleet

One of this week’s most popular IdeaScale proposals suggested that the university add at least one Zipvan to Georgetown’s recently expanded fleet of Zipcars. This would be a worthwhile extension of the university’s contract with the company. Georgetown’s current fleet of eight Zipcars comes in a range of sizes, but Georgetown has yet to contract with the[Read More…]

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M St. Bike Lane Delayed

M St. Bike Lane Delayed

A new bike lane on M Street designed to run westbound from 15th to 29th Streets NW will not open for several more months, according to the District of Columbia Department of Transportation. The M Street corridor was originally intended to open in conjunction with another lane on L Street, which officially opened last[Read More…]

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Increased Transport Hours for Inauguration

Despite predictions that turnout at Monday’s Presidential Inauguration will be much reduced from the crowds that overtook the nation’s capital in 2009, city officials have announced several modifications to public transport to accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors. According to Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority spokesperson Philip Stewart, around 600,000 to 800,000[Read More…]

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