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ANNE STONECIPHER/THE HOYA Georgetown University Student Association

GUSA to Increase Student Health and Misconduct Trainings

The Georgetown University Student Association senate amended the bylaws for the Ethics and Oversight Committee, which launched last month, to require more training in student health and misconduct topics after executive resignations earlier this semester. The GUSA senate established the Ethics and Oversight Committee last month after the resignation of[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Re-Evaluate Study Abroad Fees

Under the current system, Georgetown University students who study abroad are often paying exorbitant fees for insufficient support. Foreign students who matriculated directly into the London School of Economics’ one-year exchange program for the 2017-18 academic cycle were charged an annual tuition fee slightly above $25,000 at the beginning of[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Transparency in Tuition

Although last Thursday’s announcement of a 3.5 percent tuition hike for the 2017-18 academic year will undoubtedly introduce renewed grumbling from students and families who foot the bill, this communication follows developments that actually warrant celebration. The $1,752 increase actually falls just below the 4 percent increase projected by Gergetown’s[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Transparency Mandates Accountability

While many are still reflecting on the results of last week’s election, one would be remiss to not reflect on one actor that played a large part in the outcome of the election: WikiLeaks. A group dedicated to releasing confidential documents, WikiLeaks released a series of documents this past year[Read More…]

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Noah Taylor

To the President’s Office of Georgetown

We, the Georgetown University Student Association executive, request an explanation for the 4 percent tuition increase for the 2016-17 academic year through a town hall with the university administration. The decision to increase tuition by approximately $1,920 was announced after the board of directors met in February and was approved[Read More…]

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A Loss for Students

In a secretive bait-and-switch this month, the university administration quietly took the famous Brown House — 3616 N St. NW — out of the housing lottery, assigning it for renovation and repurposing it as faculty housing in the coming year. Over 500 students have reacted strongly to this cloak-and-dagger move,[Read More…]

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GUFF Rallies for Reform

GUFF Rallies for Reform

Approximately 30 Georgetown University Fossil Free members and supporters gathered to demand socially responsible investments and more transparency from the board of directors’ Socially Responsible Investments Committee — including restricting investments in gun manufacturing and fossil fuel companies — at a rally hosted by GUFF in Red Square on Wednesday.[Read More…]

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Who We Are to Judge

In the minds of many newspaper readers, the ethical editor suspends personal belief when on the job, having been trained in techniques that strip subjectivity from news reporting. Like a judge in the courtroom, editors in the newsroom are expected to flip a switch and become robotic reviewers of fact.[Read More…]

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No Break for Transparency

No Break for Transparency

The end of summer: shorter days, pre-orientation programs and an opening to sweep unpopular news under the rug. Over the past several summer vacations, a concerning pattern has emerged of the administration announcing contentious policy changes when the majority of students are away from campus. That tactic suggests a lack[Read More…]

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Summer Decisions Shun Student Input

A series of contentious decisions made by the university administration this summer have received criticism for excluding students from the deliberation process. Plans for the Northeast Triangle residence hall were initially presented in what appeared to be a finished form to Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E and the Old Georgetown Board with minimal student[Read More…]

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