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Amid debate over RA rights, a poster advertises the position to students.

RA Rights Await Clarification

Following widespread student concerns about the treatment of resident assistants and enforcement of the confidentiality policies all RAs must sign governing their interactions with residents, the university has yet to offer clarification or propose changes, prompting the Georgetown University Student Association to unanimously pass a bill Sunday calling for the[Read More…]

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GUSA Calls for Focus on No-Contact Directives

The university’s recent consideration of a third-year meal plan requirement brought to light many concerns with on-campus dining — long lines, limited options and crowded dining halls among them. Another concern related to requiring students to frequent the same dining establishment for another year at Georgetown was the university’s enforcement[Read More…]

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Title IX: Man’s Best Friend?

Title IX: Man’s Best Friend?

College campuses are hotbeds of sexual assault. As more and more frightening statistics pour in (such as the ever-unsettling one in every five women will be sexually assaulted by the end of her college career) it becomes clear just how commonplace this violence is. Superficially, a recent sexual assault case, Harris[Read More…]

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White House Addresses Sexual Assault on Campus

The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault released its first report on April 28, outlining steps to identify areas of concern and design solutions to prevent sexual assault on college campuses. The Task Force was created on Jan. 22 and used a 90-day deliberation period to[Read More…]

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Sexual Assault Website Highlights New Policies

Through the collaboration of the Sexual Assault Working Group, Title IX administrators, the Office of the President and others, the university launched a website with information on sexual misconduct Feb. 21 after a six-month review of how Georgetown perceives and treats sexual misconduct on campus. “I think this website is[Read More…]

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Title IX’s Beneficial Intent Becoming Discriminatory

My beef this week is with the discrimination against males in intercollegiate athletics that Title IX has caused.   No, this isn’t an anti-feminist stand; Title IX has done great, necessary things for women’s sports. The problem is, this success has created inequality – exactly what Title IX is supposed[Read More…]

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