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EDITORIAL: Cancel Pre-Thanksgiving Class

A disjointed policy regarding the week of Thanksgiving break leaves Georgetown University students frustrated and stressed. Under current policy, Georgetown observes a four-day weekend for Thanksgiving, cancelling classes on the holiday and the Friday after. The Wednesday before, however, carries a full academic schedule. This policy, much maligned by students[Read More…]

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GUERTIN: Affordable Tickets Wanted — and Deserved

GUERTIN: Affordable Tickets Wanted — and Deserved

Every year for Thanksgiving when I was growing up, my family and I would visit my grandparents in Pittsburgh. Some of my grandfather’s favorite stories to share were tales about watching Pittsburgh Pirates games as a kid in the 1930s at Forbes Field. He often recalled the hand-operated scoreboard in[Read More…]

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High Ticket Prices a Fact of Life in the NFL

Less-than-shocking news was reported by NFL officials last week: Tickets to February’s New York-based Super Bowl are going to fetch New York-style prices. In a city where a cab ride can burn a hole in your wallet and a cappuccino costs five dollars, Super Bowl XLVIII will be the most[Read More…]

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