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Four Years of Surprises, Early Exits

An Applebee’s is where I watched Greg Monroe and my beloved Hoyas fall to No. 14 seed Ohio in 2010. In 2011, it was in a packed but silent Village A in which I witnessed Chris Wright, Austin Freeman and Julian Vaughn lose to Cinderella Virginia Commonwealth. Last year, my heart was broken by[Read More…]

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Dodgers, Jays Mark New Trend

The two coasts of the United States have effectively hijacked Major League Baseball over the past 12 months and altered the trajectory of the league. As a result, in 2013 and beyond, the World Series will undoubtedly be decided far from the heartland of the U.S. On the West Coast,[Read More…]

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Armstrong Scandal Rebounds on Charity

n the past decade, there were few sports figures as inspirational as Lance Armstrong. Whether you were watching him destroy the field in the mountains of the Tour de France or watching his Nike commercials, getting caught up in the Lance Armstrong story was about becoming a part of something[Read More…]

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Nationals Deny Fans Playoff Glory With Strasburg Decision

Washington Nationals’ manager Davey Johnson has let down fans of his club — as well as the members of his team — with his decision last Saturday to bench ace Stephen Strasburg for the remainder of a season that, up to now, has been the young franchise’s most successful. Strasburg[Read More…]

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IOC Bends Rules to Help Story

Oscar Pistorius, sometimes referred to as the “Blade Runner,” became a trailblazer in addition to a track-blazer when he competed in the Olympics last month. A double amputee not content with just running in the Paralympics, Pistorius became an international icon and a hero to those with disabilities. As his[Read More…]

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After Brawl, Xavier Experiences Painful Fall from Grace

Each generation has its fond memories of a mid-major team experiencing success in the NCAA tournament and captivating a nation in the process. For our parents, Indiana State and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas provided tournament excitement. Our generation, meanwhile, has experienced runs by Gonzaga, Butler, George Mason and[Read More…]

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Matchups: The True Source of the Modern Perfect Game

When Randy Johnson threw his perfect game in 2004, my mom came to my room to wake me up so I could witness what she described as an event that only happens every “five years or so.” And she was right, of course: The last perfect game before Johnson’s was[Read More…]

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Cincy Back in the Spotlight

When the Cincinnati Reds’ miraculous playoff run in 2010 began with an Aug. 10 brawl against the St. Louis Cardinals, the team announced with their actions that they had entered the upper echelon of the Major Leagues. Prior to the fight, Reds star Brandon Phillips announced that he would play[Read More…]

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Move to NYC Could Spell The End of “Tebow Time”

In the excruciating 24 hours between Peyton Manning’s introduction as a Denver Bronco and the moment I heard of Tim Tebow’s trade to the New York Jets, my world was turned upside down. Does this mean the end of Tebowmania? Will I still be able to yell “Tebow Time!” at[Read More…]

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Regenokine Injections Give Athletes Unfair Advantage

What if I told you that there’s a way to remove an athlete’s blood and manipulate it before injecting it back into the same athlete so that it is much more effective in fighting arthritis in joints? Is this blood doping? Or is it just a natural solution to aging[Read More…]

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