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MOINUDDIN: Simple Promises, Complex Realities

MOINUDDIN: Simple Promises, Complex Realities

Last week, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg travelled to Capitol Hill to testify regarding the company’s knowledge about political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica, which improperly accessed and obtained the information of more than 50 million Facebook users. He spent two days giving testimony to Congress, answering questions ranging from[Read More…]

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Artechouse Unveils a ‘Cherry Blossom Dream’

As a young girl waved her arms in a slow, circular motion, her movements were mirrored onto an interactive wall: Waves of fluorescent colors appeared against the constantly turning cherry blossoms. This young girl, and others of all ages, were interacting with the art, coming up with movements of their[Read More…]

MOINUDDIN: The Looming Shadows of Tech Giants

MOINUDDIN: The Looming Shadows of Tech Giants

As Georgetown University students, our daily interactions with technology span a wide array of products and companies. We use Facebook to keep tabs on friends, Google’s search engine for daily questions and Microsoft’s software for productivity purposes.   Yet, even with this interaction, we need to pause and ask ourselves[Read More…]

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MOINUDDIN: Meltdown, Spectre and Broken Communication

MOINUDDIN: Meltdown, Spectre and Broken Communication

New products, from computers and phones to productivity-increasing software and trendy applications, are constantly released to consumers. The risks posed by these constant technological advancements, paired with the massive 2017 Equifax breach and other recent security breakdowns, should put cybersecurity on the mind of every individual. In 2018, researchers discovered[Read More…]

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O’BRIEN: Cultivating Your Best Self

O’BRIEN: Cultivating Your Best Self

The beginning of the school year is full of new experiences — a new place to live, new classes, new people and a new outlook. Moreover, it also presents you with a plethora of new opportunities for self-improvement. When these opportunities arise, try to seek out new endeavors to develop[Read More…]

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A dystopian novel about a future that seems frighteningly within reach, Dave Eggers’s “The Circle” focuses on the pervasiveness of modern technology and its potential to overtake the fundamental ways in which our society functions. Although the novel is at times too verbose, its core premise is fascinating; Eggers’s thought-provoking[Read More…]

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Co-inventor of the internet, Vinton Cerf talked about the importance of always being curious and maintaining a motivation to constantly innovate as of the main driver’s behind his current life’s work.

Internet Co-Inventor Discusses Life and Career

The National Science and Technology Medals Foundation hosted co-inventor of the internet Vinton Cerf for a discussion on his career, inspirations and the creation of the internet in the Bioethics Research Library on March 27. Cerf, along with colleague Bob Kahn, invented the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol that provided the[Read More…]

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Georgetown Offers Cybersecurity Scholarship

Georgetown started a cybersecurity scholarship program March 15 in which both graduate and undergraduate students will be able to receive tuition and stipend benefits in exchange for working in the public sector after graduation. The department of computer science helped secure a $5 million National Science Foundation grant to fund the[Read More…]

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The Rising Dangers Of Botnets

The Rising Dangers Of Botnets

It is today estimated that the internet connects over 28 billion devices: computers, phones, thermostats, lockboxes, pet-food dispensers, power grids and much more. While a growing network of 28 billion devices presents an enormous opportunity for individuals and companies to connect, communicate, and transact, it also presents an enormous risk.[Read More…]

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Co-founder and president of Unocoin, Sunny Ray said blockchain technologies such as the cryptocurrency bitcoin have the potential to revolutionize how business transactions are conducted.

Business Leaders Encourage Use Of Blockchain

Business leaders promoted the potential of  blockchain technology and its ability to revolutionize the world at the second annual Blockchain Summit, hosted by the Chamber of Digital Commerce and the Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy in the Lohrfink Auditorium on March 15 to 17. The three-day event featured[Read More…]

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