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Over 1,300 Individuals have signed a Student Authored petition, requesting the university to rescind the degrees of Cardinals Wuerl and McCarrick.

Student-Led Petition Gains Traction

1,376 individuals have signed a petition urging Georgetown University to revoke the honorary degrees of Cardinals Donald Wuerl and Theodore McCarrick for their roles in widespread reported sexual misconduct within the Catholic Church. McCarrick has been under fire since June when allegations of sexual misconduct against men and boys surfaced[Read More…]

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Proof of Progress

EThis week, Georgetown University Counseling and Psychiatric Services announced the introduction of free semester-long services for sexual assault survivors and accused perpetrators. This policy change marks one of many significant achievements for the countless student activists in support of sexual assault policy reform at Georgetown. Following The Hoya’s publication of[Read More…]

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Emeritus Director of the University of Delaware Counseling Center Dr. John Bishop released a report on Georgetown's medical leave of absence process June 28.

CAPS Offers Free Services For Sexual Assault Survivors

Georgetown University Counseling and Psychiatric Services will permanently offer free semester-long services for sexual assault survivors and accused perpetrators, which has been in effect since April 4. Developed by Georgetown University Student Association and university administrators, the policy — which will be formally announced next week — will allow students[Read More…]

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The Echo Chamber of Hashtag Activism

“I Stand With Willa, I Stand For Survivors,” was published by The Hoya two weeks ago, and with it came the expected social media frenzy. Facebook was ablaze with enraged Internet gladiators who both defended and attacked Georgetown. Together, we now await the answer to the same burning question —[Read More…]

A Shared Obligation

The start of my freshman year at Georgetown was unremarkable. In the first couple weeks of school, I quickly fell into a group of friends — all male — who lived on the floor above me. We ate all our meals together, studied together and, on the weekends, went out[Read More…]

Student activists, including author Zoe Dobkin (SFS '16), back left, carry a mattress during October's Carry the Weight event, a day of sexual assault awareness at college campuses across the country.

I Stand With Willa, I Stand With Survivors

In the spring of 2013, Willa Murphy was violently raped by a fellow Georgetown student. It was such a traumatic experience that it took over a year after her rape before she was able to tell anyone, not uncommon for survivors. It was only in June 2014, after she had[Read More…]