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New Campuses, Same Old Tuition

New Campuses, Same Old Tuition

The Office of International Programs often touts the consistency in tuition across its study abroad programs. No matter where in the world you go with a Georgetown program, you can be sure that your tuition will remain the same. But what the Office of International Programs fails to mention is[Read More…]

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GU Evacuates All 15 Students Studying in Egypt

GU Evacuates All 15 Students Studying in Egypt

All 15 Georgetown students studying at the American University in Cairo have been evacuated from Egypt, where a nine-day-old uprising against President┬áHosni┬áMubarak’s regime has prompted the leader to withdraw from upcoming elections. On Monday afternoon, the group landed securely in Doha, Qatar, and was welcomed by School of Foreign Service[Read More…]

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Leaving and Learning

No matter how you slice it, studying abroad is expensive. Tuition, housing fees, airfare, visa fees, living expenses (particularly in Europe) and international health insurance can add up to a scary price tag. What many do not realize, however, is that Georgetown coordinated programs are not the only roads to[Read More…]

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Roof Repairs Displace Students Studying Abroad

Students planning to stay at Villa Le Balze, Georgetown’s villa in Fiesole, Italy, received disappointing news this July: The Villa was struggling with roofing problems, and the repair process meant students would be unable to stay there during their term abroad. The university sent an e-mail to students explaining that[Read More…]

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Beating Volcanic Challenges

My history of South Asia professor, Aparna Vaidik, once told me that the definition of creativity is “pushing the limits of your existence.” If someone feels trapped or confined by boundaries, he or she must actively seek ways to bend limitations and find a new path. While I was studying[Read More…]

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Volcano Disrupts Life Abroad

While students on the Hilltop have observed the aftermath of the volcanic eruption in Iceland last week from a safe distance, many of those studying abroad in Europe have found themselves in a travel bind, with the consequences reaching far beyond continental flight cancellations. Jeff Morshed (SFS ’11), who is[Read More…]

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Home-Grown Inequality

Georgetown students are a worldly bunch. While a modest 12 percent of the student body lives overseas, most would agree that many Georgetown students – no doubt thanks to the financial situation of their parents – frequently travel either across the pond or south to Latin America. In addition, more[Read More…]

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Earthquake Jolts Chile, Stalls Students

After an 8.8 magnitude earthquake shook Chile at 3:34 a.m. local time Saturday, Anne Meriwether (COL ’11) was thankful to be in the safety of her bed and eager to let her family know she was out of harm’s way. Meriwether, one of two Georgetown students studying abroad in the[Read More…]

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Lost in Translation, Late Grades Spur Confusion

If you’re planning to study abroad this semester, you’ve made progress. You’ve finished studying, conquered finals and returned home to begin your packing. You’ve had five semesters of your foreign language – and have purchased a pocket dictionary in case it fails you. You’re all set to travel to unknown[Read More…]

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A Student Who Shone, A Man Who Loved

A Student Who Shone, A Man Who Loved

Terrance Davis (COL ’10) always said his greatest wish was to go to Africa. This fall, that wish came true, as he traveled to South Africa to spend his semester at the University of Cape Town. In early September, Davis and friends traveled 275 miles east of Cape Town to[Read More…]

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