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OUT OF OFFICE: Packing the Essentials, Appreciating Life From Abroad

One of the most stressful parts of study abroad preparation in August was also one of the most routine: packing. I found it surprisingly overwhelming to look at all of my clothing, school supplies and knickknacks and decide what to leave behind for four months. How many pairs of shoes[Read More…]

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URTZ: Privilege Obscures Travel Realities

URTZ: Privilege Obscures Travel Realities

Over the course of my semester in the Middle East, I have been treated with graciousness and hospitality at nearly every turn. This treatment has not been sparked by my charming disposition: Being an American has conferred inherent privilege upon me as I travel abroad. Recognizing the advantages Westerners have[Read More…]

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OUT OF OFFICE: Balancing Quotidien Life with Tourist To-Do’s

One of the internal tug-of-wars I’ve been grappling with during my time abroad has been my identity in Copenhagen: am I a tourist or a local? My time is limited, yes, but still long enough that I engage in activities typically reserved for locals, such as grocery shopping or getting[Read More…]

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URTZ: While Abroad, Pursue Meaningful Exchange

A few weeks ago, I was hiking with my classmates in Petra, the Bedouin site of ancient Nabatean ruins and a renowned UNESCO world heritage site in Jordan. The narrow canyons and spectacular rock carvings were dotted with vendors selling everything from bottled water to miniature replicas of the site.[Read More…]

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OUT OF OFFICE: Defending the American Identity

In the United States, I am from New York City. In Copenhagen, this identity is secondary to being from “the States.”  As a student studying abroad, I have had to grow accustomed not only to being a conduit for U.S. ideas and realities, but also to being interrogated or berated[Read More…]

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OUT OF OFFICE: Abroad and Unscheduled

Routines form the basis of life at Georgetown. Class schedules provide the infrastructure, extracurriculars fill in the gaps and the remaining free time is devoted to daily necessities like eating and sleeping. Going abroad throws a wrench in this scheduling. When I got to Copenhagen, Denmark, my typically overbooked schedule[Read More…]

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OUT OF OFFICE: Transient Permanence

College is a time of disguised instability. At 18 years old, four years in one place seems like a long time, but it isn’t. Each fall when we move into dorm rooms, we hang up posters and register for classes and take another step toward independence and adulthood. Part of[Read More…]

OSMAN: Elevate Study Abroad

OSMAN: Elevate Study Abroad

Georgetown University is one of the United States’ premier schools for international affairs, but the university’s study abroad opportunities are limited. The university must strengthen its programs by making them more affordable for and accessible to all students. Georgetown is the fourth-best U.S. college or university to study international affairs,[Read More…]

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Between Bali and Me: Friendly Strangers

Between Bali and Me: Friendly Strangers

To know a place is to know its people. Unfortunately, my imagination conjured an image of Bali, Indonesia, as a crowded, westernized beach scene swarming with perfect “Instagrammable” moments. I must admit that lounging on the beach, getting cheap massages and eating delectable, inexpensive food sounded incredibly appealing for a[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Re-Evaluate Study Abroad Fees

Under the current system, Georgetown University students who study abroad are often paying exorbitant fees for insufficient support. Foreign students who matriculated directly into the London School of Economics’ one-year exchange program for the 2017-18 academic cycle were charged an annual tuition fee slightly above $25,000 at the beginning of[Read More…]

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