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The Hilltoss, the newest storefront of The Corp that opened in November, added six smoothies to its menu, which currently features salads. According to management, the storefront is considering adding acai bowls and extending its hours in the coming months.

The Hilltoss Debuts 6 Smoothies

The Hilltoss, Students of Georgetown, Inc.’s newest storefront in the Healey Family Student Center, began serving smoothies last Wednesday and is exploring serving acai bowls as well as extending its hours. The smoothie selection includes six signature flavors, including a classic protein shake called the Rock to a strawberry-banana shake[Read More…]

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Corp Shuts Locations, Prepares for New Coffee Vendor

The Corp will close its three coffee services, Uncommon Grounds, Midnight Mug and More Uncommon Grounds, in a staggered schedule from Jan. 28 to Feb. 1 to accommodate an institution-wide change in coffee vendor and coffee brewing equipment. Uncommon Grounds will close on Wednesday and Thursday, Midnight Mug will close[Read More…]

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Kickback's website displays a countdown clock to the July 8 official announcement.

With Kickback, The Corp Aims to Establish New Tradition

Georgetown Day marks the end of the academic year, but its commencement has long been bereft of a singular tradition. Students of Georgetown Inc. aims to change that with Kickback, a daylong celebration of students’ return to campus. “We’re looking to plan a day for students in the fall to[Read More…]

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SFS Council Seeks ICC Study Space

On a weekday in the Intercultural Center, students sit along the walls of the Galleria’s tile floor. The space, filled by students waiting for classes, office hours and meetings with deans, is sparsely furnished with four leather couches and a few tables outside of More Uncommon Grounds. The School of[Read More…]

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Competitive Selections Not Just for Corp, GUASFCU

As fall club recruitment season comes to an end, long-established organizations like Blue and Gray, The Corp and GUASFCU are not the only groups on campus that faced difficult hiring decisions. Fast-growing student groups have experienced a surge of interest, becoming increasingly competitive to join. Blue and Gray, the tour[Read More…]

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Reappraising ICC

If you’re looking to avoid Lauinger Library, there are several attractive alternative study spaces on campus. But as it stands, Intercultural Center Galleria would hardly be considered among them. The space is unlit in the evening and there are limited tables and outlets. While it could be argued that this[Read More…]

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MORRIS & WEBER: Burgers, Banter and a Faculty Mentor for Life

MORRIS & WEBER: Burgers, Banter and a Faculty Mentor for Life

If you can recall your college tour days, one of the usual major selling points — often shouted as you were herded around a variety of beautiful campuses — focused on the infinite number of dinners you would have with your professors while at that university. What they don’t tell[Read More…]

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Alum Speaks to Business Success

Internet pioneer and venture capitalist Ted Leonsis (COL ’77) spoke about entrepreneurship and the importance of empathy to his business success Friday evening. His talk in Reiss Friday was part of Students of Georgetown, Inc.’s 40th Anniversary Celebration. Leonsis owns the Washington Wizards, Mystics and Capitals and is the founder of SnagFilms, a website that streams independent documentaries. He[Read More…]

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Corp Brings Cool Treat to Vittles

The Corp’s new milkshakes are F’Real. After debuting just a few weeks ago, the quick-mix F’Real milkshakes and smoothies, which are offered in Vital Vittles, have become hugely popular on the Hilltop. “Students on campus seem very excited about the new product, as are we,” Vital Vittles Director Caitlyn Fredrick[Read More…]

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Corp Facilitates Group Ties

The Corp celebrated its Shareholders’ Extravaganza yesterday with free T-shirts, a 10 percent discount coupon and a roundtable discussion with student groups. According to CEO Brad Glasser (COL ’11), part of The Corp’s mission is to represent the student body in ways in which the university administration does not, which[Read More…]

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