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Georgetown University Student Association President Kamar Mack, right, discusses club exclusivity with a student at a forum.

Student Leaders Tackle Persistent Club Exclusivity Problems

The problem of exclusivity of Georgetown clubs is the product of a competitive application process motivated by a quest for social capital, said Ricardo Mondolfi (SFS ’19), chair of the Student Activities Commission, at an open forum on club culture last Thursday. The open forum was hosted by an informal[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Amend Attitudes Toward Clubs

As club selectivity continues to concern students and plague clubs across campus, it is time to recognize that the ultra-exclusivity of many of Georgetown University’s clubs is rooted in the fact that they blur their purported functions with their roles as social organizations. To end club exclusivity, the most selective[Read More…]

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Love Saxa Funding, Status Remain Uncertain After Vote Postponed

The fate of student group Love Saxa’s funding and status as a university-recognized club remains uncertain after a meeting of the Student Activities Commission ended without a vote early Tuesday morning. The committee heard the complaint of two students opposed to Love Saxa, who argued that the university should not[Read More…]

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Less Than Half of New Club Applicants Accepted

Twelve new clubs launched this semester, with the Council of Advisory Boards approving fewer than 50 percent of the 34 student groups that applied this semester for university recognition. The clubs, including the Hong Kong Student Association, Lebanese Student Association and Hoya Teahouse, join over 300 student groups on campus. These[Read More…]

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The Student Activities Commission imposed budgetary sanctions on the Georgetown Solidarity Committee on Monday night.

GSC Sanctioned for Sit-In Violations

The Student Activities Commission voted last night to sanction workers’ rights group Georgetown Solidarity Committee by admitting the group into a restoration process that removes GSC control over its budget. The restoration sanction, announced at a public hearing in the Healey Family Student Center, was approved by a seven-to-three vote.[Read More…]

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The university has given contradicting direction on student club’s right to endorse.

University, SAC Misaligned Over Endorsement Policy

With 55 days to go until the Nov. 8 general election, the university’s stance on political endorsements has come under the spotlight for its ambiguity; while the Student Activities Commission has stated that no student groups are able to publically endorse presidential candidates, official university policy allows such student group[Read More…]

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SAC Considers Funding Change

The Student Activities Commission is considering altering its club budget allocation process by providing clubs with tiered-access lump sums, a change that they hope to institute next semester. SAC is still working on the wording of the proposition, which will be further discussed at its next meeting on March 2.[Read More…]

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Clubs Request $350K at Budget Summit

After 98 student groups requested $350,000 at last weekend’s Student Activities Commission summit, SAC allocated a total of $146,000 to the groups. SAC allocated all of its available funds for this semester’s summit after withholding $5,000 for its ad hoc fund and $30,000 for its travel fund, according to SAC Chair[Read More…]

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Musgrave Nabs SAC Chair

Student Activities Commission Marketing and Public Relations Director Patrick Musgrave (COL ’16) was elected SAC Chair by a 14-vote margin Thursday. Musgrave was elected in a second round of voting after an inconclusive first round, in which some groups voting more than once, forced the Georgetown University Student Association Election[Read More…]

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Club Approval Re-evaluated

After an overhaul of the student club approval process over the past year, a Council Advisory Board including representatives from five different advisory boards will now have the final say whether proposed clubs make the cut. Under the old system, a Center for Student Engagement administrator would review one of[Read More…]

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