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There’s More to This Name Than You Think There Is

As I sat on a bench in the men’s locker room at Yates, I received multiple text messages from Sarah Amos, the senior editor of the guide, asking me for a name for my television-based column. The original name was “Pigeon Drop-Ins.” Here’s my rationale: My last name, which is “Piccione” for those[Read More…]

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Fox Sitcom Returns to an Uncertain Future

A great tragedy of our time was the cancelation of one of the best television series ever created: “Arrested Development.” For those who don’t know, “Arrested Development” aired on Fox for three seasons, from 2003 to 2006. Created by Mitch Hurwitz (COL ’85), the show centers on the Bluthfamily, a once wealthy  and seriously dysfunctional[Read More…]

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New Year, New Seasons

The new year not only brings many opportunities to realize that you wrote the date incorrectly at the top of your notebook, but also ushers in a fresh batch of television shows for the coming spring season. Now is the time when networks take an axe to failed shows that[Read More…]

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