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MOINUDDIN: Meltdown, Spectre and Broken Communication

MOINUDDIN: Meltdown, Spectre and Broken Communication

New products, from computers and phones to productivity-increasing software and trendy applications, are constantly released to consumers. The risks posed by these constant technological advancements, paired with the massive 2017 Equifax breach and other recent security breakdowns, should put cybersecurity on the mind of every individual. In 2018, researchers discovered[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Spectre’

★★★☆☆ “Skyfall” was undeniably a peak in the recent reboot of the James Bond films. With director Sam Mendes taking the reins, the franchise was given a fresh sophistication, cleverly combining unexpected plot twists, a truly complex and dark villain and the sharp elegance that really distinguished it as an[Read More…]