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MOINUDDIN: In Space, Partnerships Enable Success

MOINUDDIN: In Space, Partnerships Enable Success

On Feb. 6, SpaceX, an aerospace manufacturer founded and run by Elon Musk, made history by launching its Falcon Heavy rocket. The moment’s importance should not be understated: The propulsion vehicle became the largest of its kind to successfully launch a payload into space. The launch marks a milestone in[Read More…]

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Free Markets Are Needed in Space

Free Markets Are Needed in Space

Anyone who enjoys science fiction novels and movies has most likely fantasized about the possibility of space travel. While most people’s images of space travel have largely been inspired by franchises like “Star Trek” and “Star Wars,” companies like SpaceX and Arianspace are working to make commercial space travel a[Read More…]

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Noah Taylor

Arts Need Our Voice

With only four music practice rooms in the Healey Family Student Center and two in LXR Hall, there are barely enough available spaces on campus to serve all of Georgetown’s 7,595 undergraduate students. On April 19, the Georgetown University Student Association dedicated its final Hoya Roundtable of the spring semester[Read More…]

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Former Director of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program Doug McCuistion discussed the future of Mars exploration Wednesday.

NASA Director Talks Mars Exploration

Former Director of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program Doug McCuistion outlined the historical evolution of Mars exploration and discussed its future challenges in Reiss Science Building on Wednesday. The lecture was moderated by Georgetown professor of planetary science Sarah Johnson and presented by the School of Foreign Service’s science, technology and[Read More…]

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Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory Detects Ripples in Spacetime

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory Detects Ripples in Spacetime

For most of us, the mention of “technological innovation” brings to mind images of the technologies that have become useful for our everyday lives. We imagine aspiring app developers lounging about the coffee shops of San Francisco, Bill Gates camping out in his office overnight or, as a throwback, Thomas[Read More…]

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The “Explainers,” the National Air and Space Museum’s cohort of student volunteers, will soon be supplemented with electronic programming following a recent grant awarded by General Electric Aviation.

GE Partnership Spurs Love of Space

When young children visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and have questions — whether it’s about a planet, an exhibition, or a spaceship — they can ask the “Explainers,” groups of hired high school and college students trained in all things space. Gilda Gallardo (COL ’17) who works[Read More…]

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Revisiting Voice Sanctions

Revisiting Voice Sanctions

A reassessment of the Georgetown Voice’s office is long overdue. In August 2011, three Voice staffers attempting to evade Department of Public Safety officers crashed through the ceiling of a fourth-floor room in Leavey Center, creating several thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. The responsible parties were amply punished, and the Voice[Read More…]

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Dusting Off Lau’s Systems

On-campus space is a scarce commodity at Georgetown. Finding a place to hold meetings or group study sessions — especially during midterms and finals, or on short notice — can be a challenging test in itself. Lauinger Library has the potential to take on a greater role in alleviating this[Read More…]

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Fine-Tuning Spaces For Music Stars to Flourish

It’s time for our campus to face the music — and that means providing students with the room to hear it. While a host of undergraduate music groups like to jam out — including a small army of a cappella groups and a range of formal choral and instrumental groups[Read More…]

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New Space Energizes Ministry

As students rush around the corner toward the Leavey Center Starbucks and Cosi, they may notice that a once-deserted space has undergone a spiritual awakening. Makóm, a new Jewish gathering area located along one of Leavey’s main thoroughfares, is a sign of wider changes at work for the Jewish Chaplaincy[Read More…]

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