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Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) passed a package of legislation targeting tobacco use in the District this week.

District Passes Tobacco Bill

The legal age to purchase tobacco products will increase from 18 to 21 after Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) signed the Prohibition Against Selling Tobacco Products to Individuals Under 21 Amendment Act on Nov. 29. The legislation, initially introduced in 2015 by Councilmembers Kenyan McDuffie (D-Ward 5), Mary Cheh[Read More…]

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The senate approved a studentwide referendum on making campus smoke-free, extending the nonsmoking areas across main campus.

GUSA Senate Approves Smoke-Free Referendum

The main campus of Georgetown University took another step toward becoming smoke-free, as the Georgetown University Student Association senate voted 26-0 Sunday to hold a studentwide referendum in December on the issue. The referendum, to be held Dec. 1, will present students with three options: in support of a smoke-free[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Smoking Ban Needs Nuance

Since the beginning of October, two students, Mac Williams (NHS ’17) and Georgetown University Student Association Senator Henry Callander (COL ’18) launched a petition to hold a student-wide referendum to ban any type of smoking on campus. The Smoke Free Georgetown petition itself is very short, with the simple description[Read More…]

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DC Limits Lung Cancer Costs

Washington, D.C., is the second-best place in the country at combatting the costs of lung cancer, according to the financial website Wallethub. Wallethub ranked all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on their efforts to combat the economic and societal impacts of the disease, analyzing air quality, death[Read More…]

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Study: Pictures Deter Smokers

Research from the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Research Center found that pictorial warnings are more effective at dissuading cigarette usage than messages containing only text, according to a study released on Sept. 14 in “Nicotine and Tobacco Research”. Spearheaded by Darren Mays, assistant professor of oncology at the Georgetown University Medical[Read More…]

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When Colleges Play Parent

Independence is a critical aspect of college education, and universities should be cautioned against stunting that development by playing the role of parents. A frequent if unintended consequence for students resisting this type of paternalism, however, is that they can find themselves defending the right to activities that may be[Read More…]

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Area Schools Ban Smoking

Though many of Georgetown’s peer institutions are becoming smoke and tobacco free, the university currently has no plans to implement a similar ban. American University made an announcement Nov. 5 that it will enact a campus-wide smoking ban in 2013. According to an Oct. 5 American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation newsletter,[Read More…]

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Colleges Consider Smoking Bans

While a number of universities across the nation are considering limiting smoking on campus, administrators at Georgetown are not planning any changes to current policy. The Georgetown University Medical Center became smoke-free as of January 2011. Health Education Services Director Carol Day said that campus officials have discussed the possibility[Read More…]

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Peer Schools Seek to Curb Smoking; Georgetown Stalls

About 500 campuses in the United States are now smoke-free, but Georgetown does not look to be joining their ranks in the near future. Yale University plans to survey faculty and students this month about their support for the ban, according to The Yale Daily News, leading the debate among[Read More…]

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Lombardi Supports New Smoking Labels

The Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center announced its support last week for the new, more graphic warning labels for cigarette packaging required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In a statement, the Lombardi Cancer Center outlined the immediate physical effects of carcinogens as the reason behind its support[Read More…]

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